Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

ORLANDO, FL -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's loss to Saint Louis.

T.J. Warren

"They made shots. They executed."

"We had some defensive complications. It was just tough for us."

"It was a great year. A lot of people didn't think we'd be in this position. It was great to have this opportunity to win another tournament game. So it was a great year."

"They were physical. We kind of panicked under pressure a little bit. We made a few errors and they capitalized off that."

Tyler Lewis

"We didn't shoot free throws well, made careless turnovers we don't usually make. That was the game right there. If I had just taken care of the ball..."

"I just felt like everything was compact. They have a good press."

"I'm sorry for everything that happened down the stretch here. I wish it could have turned out different, but overall I'd say it was a pretty good season. Nobody expected anything of us, and we proved everybody wrong. I just wish it could have happened to go more."

Jordan Vandenberg

"We just didn't make the plays we needed to close the game out. We missed a lot of clutch foul shots, and in overtime they just steamrolled us. We couldn't really keep up. We had some really bad defensive plays on our part, and we missed a lot of foul shots."

"It has nothing to do with fatigue. It has everything to do with repetition and we just didn't finish. We're not going to make up excuses that we're too tired or the lights are too bright. We're much bigger than that. We should have closed the game out and we made mistakes."

"This was just a season of growth. No one expected anything from us. To do what we did in the ACC Tournament to even be here is an accomplishment for this team. We have a bunch of young players, and as long as most of them come back next year with the players they have coming in, they'll be a good team."

Ralston Turner

"Fluky things just started happening. We're not that bad of a free-throw shooting team. For things to happen like that, I cant really explain. But it happened. It hurts."

"Normally we're a better free-throw shooting team. Anytime that happens, it's real tough - especially in this situation because you don't get a second chance."

"They were just doing a good job of trapping the ball. We were getting it to spots, but they caught us back on our heels a little bit. Give credit to St. Louis."

"Sometimes it's hard. Especially when you see it going down like that, it can creep into the minds of other people. But we still should have done a better job of finishing down the stretch."

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