PRO DAY: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Dontae Johnson, Asa Watson, and Rashard Smith met with the media following NC State's Pro Day.

Asa Watson

"Things went pretty well."

"I put a good foot forward."

"I played a lot of special teams... I think I showed some good tape there, and in the NFLPA game I think I had some good film too."

"A lot of teams want to use rookies on special teams in their first year... I'm excited about what's going to happen in the next few months."

"He's always given me good advice. He's up in the stands right now. He's just given me great support throughout the whole process."

Dontae Johnson

"I've been training two hard months."

"I felt like I did really well at the Senior Bowl against high-level competition."

"I was just ready. My mind was focused, and I was ready once I got to Indianapolis. I was just really prepared. I wasn't shocked by anything and really confident in what I did."

"I thought it went really well. The positional drills, I think I did a better job than I did at the combine. I got a little gassed at the end but that's expected after talking with the scouts, but other than that I felt my footwork was pretty good."

"I prefer to play corner at the next level, but if a team needs me to play safety I'll play safety. I can also play nickel as well. I just feel like being versatile is going to help me."

"Wherever I end up and whatever they need me to play, that's what I'll play."

Rashard Smith

"Not at all. My trainers, we ran hills, we ran on the treadmill up to 21 miles per hour... we did boxing to help conditioning and cardio."

"They got us in shape. I was prepared for it, knowing I was going to do two positions. I just made sure I worked myself into the best shape that I could."

"You got to have confidence. If you don't believe in yourself then I'm pretty sure all 32 teams won't believe in you. Every time I step in between the lines I know the guy across from me has to put his pants on just like I do. It's about who shows up and who has the heart to win."

"It really wasn't that hard. I had basically two guys speaking too me. It was a decision between my agent now, Malik Shareef, and another guy that is just starting up his business. It was between those two guys and I went with the guy that will help me most... get me in a training help, get me drafted... anything."

"I feel pretty good about everything I did today.. I caught the ball, I ran well, I finished every drill. I feel pretty good about my day. Hopefully I'll get a call to work out somewhere and make a team this summer."

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