Doeren: "You See The Progress"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Friday's practice.

Dave Doeren

"I first saw it when I was at Wisconsin and we played Michigan. They had Desmond [Howard] and some of those guys [re-circulate] their numbers and put them back in."

"I just thought that was a unique way to not only honor their number, but every game they get to see someone wear their number with their name on it. I just thought it was unique."

"Coming here we have eight numbers retired and over the last year we had all these double-digit guys because we can't use all the numbers. There are great players we want to honor, but we can't keep losing numbers because pretty soon you won't have enough to field a team."

"Whether he's playing or not... just having [Jarvis Byrd] in the locker room with us is a positive thing. Jarvis is a great guy, message-wise, for the players in the locker room. If he can rehab and play then it's even a bigger bonus."

"I can't tell you. He's had three of those things, so who knows. I hope so for him, but I'm not going to say he is until we see him. He hasn't even backpedaled and ran yet."

"Today [the offense was] better. It's been a tough weather spring for us. Throwing the ball and catching it hasn't always been an easy chore out here, but the two days we've had normal weather they've looked better. They are able to throw it, catch it, and not fall on the ground a lot."

"It's a young group of guys, but I do like the way they are working. You see the progress and attitude. It's been fun working with those guys."

"The defensive guys... anytime you've seen the same offense seven days in a row it gets harder and harder."

"Not yet [on a depth chart]. Some of the positions obviousuly because you have guys back, but the ones that are open we need to scrimmage several times beore we name anybody anything."

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