AUDIO: Doeren Talks Scrimmage

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Dave Doeren met with the media after his team's scrimmage on Monday. Topics ranged from the quality of play on the field this spring, leadership from upperclassmen, and the play of transfer quarterback Jacoby Brissett.

Dave Doeren

"We had about 120 snaps of live play and nobody got hurt, so that was really positive."

"Bo Hines made a big catch here at the end."

"It was our eighth practice. I saw some good runs and excellent catches. I thought defensively we did some good things."

"There weren't many big plays. We held them to two field goals, one touchdown and one stop in the red zone, which is pretty good."

"Probably the biggest complaint would be the number of penalties out there. It will be good for them to clean that up. This was the first time we had officials here so that will be good for our guys to see [on film]."

"Tackling for the most part [was improved]. I thought there were more hit-tackles where guys stood the guy up and brought him down. There were fewer busts. You just didn't see guys not knowing what to do."

"We have a lot of young guys playing. That is the biggest thing I saw."

"Hakim Jones has been a lot more vocal in the secondary. Mike Rose has been a lot more vocal on the defensive line. I am proud of what those two guys have done that way."

"On offensive, Tony [Creecy] has been a very steady leader."

"Benson Browne has probably been the most pleasant surprise on offense. I think he's had a really good spring."

"M.J. has been really consistent. With Pittman being out we're just trying to get that ohter position. Rodman knows exactly what to do and has got a lot better, I just want to see him continue to be more physical in that spot."

"Fernandez flies around. He still makes some mistakes... he's doing some really good things."

"[Josh Jones] had a much better day today. He was bad in the first scrimmage. I thought he was much better today. He did miss one open field tackle. He had another that he made, and he had an interception."

"Germaine Pratt is a guy that's been playing really well."

"D-line getting a pass rush creates an interception, a linebacker getting a better job makes a high ball, all the DB's having ball skill."

"Our No. 1 goal defensively is to play more sound and create more takeaways. Those are the two things we have got to do better."

"B.J. Hill was making some plays today. Tony Adams had a couple of penalties, but he was playing with the [starters]. He is doing some pretty good things."

"The [incoming freshmen] are not playing like you'd expect them to. I think they are really competitive right now. It is fun to watch them."

"Schooley has been out, so Tony has moved up. It's good for him."

"With Rob coming back at left tackle that will make that position a lot stronger."

"[Brissett] is so hard on himself. He plays hard, and he plays so well. He commands the offense. He wants to score every time they are out there and he has got a great way about him."

"He is very positive, enthusiastic and encouraging to his teammates. And he has good command of what's going on, he knows how to get people where they're supposed to go."

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