Doeren: "The Defense Was Dominant"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Saturday's scrimmage.

Dave Doeren

"The defense was really strong today. They came to play. The enthusiasm... communicated well. They had their eyes in the right place."

"The offense was pretty much the opposite until the end. They just didn't have enough sustainable drives, mostly because the defense took away a lot of the run game. They tackled well and got off blocks."

"I was disappointed in our ability to move the football on offense today. We had a couple of drives where penalties killed them."

"In pretty much every situation we practiced today the defense was dominant. The first scrimmage was kind of the opposite of that, the offense won and in this scrimmage the defense dominated."

"As a head coach you're really excited about what you see on one side and really mad about the other. That's spring ball, that's the battle."

"I know our offense will get a lot better from what they watch on tape."

"We'll see. We have three practices between now and then. The spring game is different with ones versus twos. This is good versus good every time we go out."

"I would hope that our ones could do better against our twos but you don't know. It will be enthusiastic and our guys will play hard. I know that."

"On defense, I thought T.Y. McGill was everywhere today. He and Art Norman were productive. Jerod Fernandez was productive today."

"On offense, Maurice Morgan made some nice plays today. He had a really nice run at the end. Valdes made a couple of nice catches. Off the top of my head, those would be the guys."

"Pittman was back today. That's good news. He had a defensive touchdown."

"We need Jerod. We recruited him to play. He hasn't really produced yet. He made some big hits and he's a contact player. He played fast today. He knew where he was going."

"Bo Hines continues to make plays. That helps a lot. As a player you start to feel more in the zone with repetitive success."

"[Bo Hines] has a chance to start for us next year. Like I said when those guys were recruited, they'll have a chance to play... he's been productive every practice we've had."

"There were a lot of recruits, families our coaches, wives and kids. The Wolfpack family is more than just talking about it. It's doing it."

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