Underwood Steps Up

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Now in his senior year, Bryan Underwood will be looking to make a statement this upcoming football season.

Now in his senior year, Bryan Underwood will be looking to making a statement this upcoming 2014 football season.

Even through the constraint of an injury in the previous season, the standout Wolfpack wide receiver has made the most of his experience and hopes to come back even stronger.

"It was really hard not being out there with the team playing with them on Saturdays," said Underwood. "I knew after the fifth time I went out during the Florida State game that something was really wrong. I just didn't know how bad it was.

"It was eye-opening. I used it to be able to read defenses and their schemes just by being on the sidelines, so I actually learned a lot more from being hurt than losing a lot."

With Underwood's experience and "explosiveness" on the field, Coach Doeren and the Wolfpack coaching staff know he can be a lot to handle as a deep threat on game day for opposing defenders.

"I have a lot of speed to give out," said Underwood. "With the experience I have and with how I use my speed and how I can get open with my routes, that's pretty much how they use me."

So what has Underwood been doing to improve in his game this offseason?

"I'm pretty much working against defensive backs, working on my hands, and how to help defend the line. We've caught a lot of balls this offseason... close to probably about a thousand. We've been getting a lot of reps."

Even as a seasoned veteran and leader for the Wolfpack, the new incoming freshman will be expected to provide their athleticism and competitiveness to the field immediately. One particular freshman has really stood out to Underwood.

"Yeah, Bo Hines," he said. "You would actually think he's a senior because of his mind and the way he carries himself. He's really poised and he came in really eager to learn plays.

"There have been a couple of games we've been running where we split each other into teams, and he knew everything instantly with the plays we told him to learn. He didn't miss a beat. To come in as a freshman and learn everything that fast was really impressive."

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