AUDIO: Doeren Talks Offense

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Wednesday's practice.

Dave Doeren

"[Marquez] Valdes is much improved... he's about 15 pounds heavier. He's a lot stronger, he's able to play big now."

"Maurice Morgan has really had a nice couple of days for us."

"[JuMichael] Ramos hasn't produced a lot this spring. Today was probably his best day, but he's got a lot better in the weight room."

"Gavin Locklear is a kid that we redshirted, a walk-on, he's made some plays for us."

"[Bryan] Underwood, today was probably his best day from a big-play standpoint."

"We look for that group to be a lot better than a year ago because of the game reps they have, but we need to have an explosive spring at that position group."

"The thing is Jacoby has a great skillset and is a strong leader, but he needs game reps. He's played in a few games at Florida and was a tremendous high school player, but he's been out of it for over a year and a half now."

"He needs the game reps to get back."

"I'm real excited to not have the question from you guys all the time on who my quarterback is going to be."

"That allows our team to focus more on what's important."

"Much better today. I think it's been a learning curve for [Brissett]... he had a very consistent performance today. He stood in the pocket and made some good throws."

"One of the things that makes NC State special is the way the alumni comes back... our former players genuinely care about our fanbase. To have 400 or so former players back, Russell back, Sweezy... that means a lot."

"This is my fourth BCS conference now and our alumni comes back more than any place I've worked, and I've been at some really good schools with strong alumni. They come back and they support our team, and it means a lot to our current roster."

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