Lawrence Will Be One Of 2016's Best

Wake Forest (NC) defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence will be one of 2016's most highly recruited players. Pack Pride talks to him after a recent visit to NC State.

There is little doubt that Wake Forest defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence is one of the most-wanted prospects in North Carolina despite the fact thathe's a class of 2016 player. He has tremendous size and has proven that he can dominate the line of scrimmage even though he's only completed his sophomore season.

NC State has made Lawrence a major priority and they had an opportunity to host him for the second time a couple of weeks ago as the Wolfpack took the field for a scrimmage.

"That was a good trip,"said Lawrence. "I was just there at State last weekend for their scrimmage. That was the first time this year I've been there. It was a good school.

"It was competitive too. I liked that. The defensive line played confident and well coached. I didn't talk to any of the players but I talked to Coach Nielsen."

"We watched film with Coach Nielsen and he was just saying how he coaches," he added. "He was talking about the NFL teams they watch."

Lawrence did not do anything on campus other than attend the scrimmage,but he expects that he will be back at State in the future for a more in-depth visit.

The rising junior has two years before college, but he is already 6-5, 290 pounds. Many believe he could be one of the top defensive linemen in the country. With offers from Clemson, Michigan, South Carolina, and all of the schools in North Carolina he is certainly trending in that direction.

He is not just a big body either. Although Lawrence was routinely one of the youngest players on the field last year he still managed to accumulate 11 sacks and 91 total tackles. He even got his hands up to bat down six passes.

Look for him to start taking more trips, but NC State has made an early impression.

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