Jones Trying To Improve

RALEIGH, N.C. -- After redshirting his first year with the Wolfpack, Josh Jones has been turning heads and has the potential to be a starter in the secondary.

Throughout his time so far at NC State, Josh Jones has been rotating between linebacker and safety. After this past season and throughout this spring, he seems to have found his home.

"Right now, I've been settling in at strong safety, and I've been getting a good feel of that," Jones said. "It's been going real well. I've been learning the system and executing everything that I've been taught with the coaches.

Ranked the No. 29 safety nationally and the No. 15 recruit out of the state of Michigan, Jones saw time playing in the secondary within multiple defensive schemes. Having spent most of his time as a safety in high school, the reps he has been getting at the safety position for the Wolfpack is nothing new to Josh Jones.

"In high school, we really ran 'man-free' a lot, so I was basically all over the place. Sometimes I would play corner and lock up on the best guys that our competition had."

Jones, a native of Walled Lake, Michigan, has quickly come to enjoy life in Raleigh with his fellow Wolfpack coaches and teammates.

"I mean, I'm twelve hours away from home," he said, laughing. "The first couple of months were a little hard, but once I got settled in and got to know everybody, it was pretty good. The first semester was good because I got to meet a lot of new friends and academics were good."

Coach Doeren has complimented Jones previously, commenting that he values the fact that Josh Jones takes football seriously. Jones believes that about himself, too, and knows that he has to work hard every day, on and off the field, to be a great player.

"I don't like to mess up," said Jones. "When I make a mistake, I forget about it, but then I go home and I try to correct it. I'm always here at the Murphy [Center] with my coaches getting extra work in and watching film just trying to get better. I'm just trying to get better. I want to execute everything and minimize the mistakes."

Jones has developed a strong relationship with his teammate at the safety position, redshirt junior Hakim Jones. He sees the threat the two can pose together in the defensive backfield.

"We provide range," Jones stated. "We're two aggressive safeties, with him and me. We can both cover well. We both know the defense really well. We both communicate really well. I mean, with both of us being 6'2", it's pretty good back there have long safeties.

"We're young in the secondary. We've got a couple freshmen coming in, and his [Hakim Jones] leadership is real big. When I first came in last year, he taught me a few things and took me under his wing. With him coming back, that's big for leadership to have a veteran back there."

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