POSTGAME PC: Spring Game

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Dave Doeren, Jacoby Brissett, and Art Norman met with the media after the Kay Yow Spring Game.

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Head Coach Dave Doeren
"Thanks to the fans that came out. It was a great day for football... great fanfare."

"I thought it was really well-organized and I appreciate all the work that went into it."

"As for the game, we came out of it healthy, which is great. I think one guy got a sprain and that was it."

"As I've been saying all spring, Bo Hines is a very reliable player and made some plays early."

"It was good to see Underwood get some big plays for us."

"There was one errant throw I wish he wouldn't have made over the middle, but other than that, he threw for 365 yards."

"We didn't run the ball very effectively but that really wasn't what we were trying to do today."

"The starting defense played well, we didn't give up any points."

"A lot cleaner game than we had a year ago."

"I'm pretty happy with the results of the game and there will be a lot of good film."

"It was good to see Germaine make a play. We gave up too many deep balls on the other side."

"I'm happy that our starters were able to do what they did."

"The hope today was that the first team offense would execute and the first team defense would execute... I thought we did that for the most part."

"[Hines is] very reliable, the same guy everyday. In the right place, catches the ball well, with people around him. Underneath... down the seam, he's made some one-handed catches. He's very smooth when he plays the game. We've had 15 practices and I don't think we've had one where he didn't make a play in practice."

"I'm proud of him for that."

"I know these guys, they know me. They know our systems, our terminologies, our expectations. I think we know their limitations better... I think there is a lot of respect and trust for what we've been through together as a team."

"It's hard on you, it scars you, but we've had a great offseason."

"Pharoah McKever has done a terrific job on the defensive line... B.J. Hill has put on 25 pounds."

"Tyson is playing as well as he can play, he's lost 30 pounds since last year."

"Matt Dayes lost 15 pounds so he can play faster. You see that commitment which equals performance when your body is in shape."

"We played 4-3 nickel quite a bit last year... it gives us more flexibility."

"For us to be able to have an event this spring that's personal, it means a lot."

"We have three starting linemen that weren't out there today."

"Tony [Adams] has been asked to do a lot... that's a lot to ask for a freshman, making the calls that a center has to make. He's 315 pounds, has great feet, is very intelligent, he's competitive, and when he can stop thinking and just play he's going to be a good football player."

"B.J. [Hill] just shows up and works everyday. Those kind of guys are fun to coach."

"Some years you know who your starting quarterback is and some years you don't. That's college football. This year we do."

"I can focus my attention on certain things and it's his job to stay hungry."

"He has to handle his end of the deal, he knows that, and he will."

"You have to turn your attention to certain things as a head coach and this year it's not quarterback that I'm staring at, but he still understands his role and what he has to do."

Defensive End Art Norman
"I think the defense played really good."

"I liked the way the defensive line played... today we did a pretty good job."

"Today showed it."

"Basically, fly around and do what we've been coached to do this spring."

"Schooley sprained his MCL... he's fine, he'll be back."

"I just think the other two guys were playing better than [Thornton] going into the spring game. We knew we weren't going to give Matt a ton of work because his hammy has been bothering him... all three of those guys will be very important to our offense this year."

Quarterback Jacoby Brissett
"I feel like they did a great job today. They came out and made plays... when they got a chance to make a play they did."

"We had a lot of extra time to go out there and get some chemistry, and anytime we had an opportunity to sit and learn what we need to do."

"I felt like it helped our chemistry on the field."

"I like [Hines] a lot. He catches the ball and makes plays. We have a long way to go but he's been stepping up."

"You just have to make sure everyday that you step in the stadium and everyone knows you're the guy and you carry yourself the right way."

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