Wilson: "I Love NC State"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State great Russell Wilson met with the media to discuss having his jersey honored in Carter-Finley Stadium.

Russell Wilson (Part I)

Russell Wilson (Part II)

"It is good to be back home, obviously, to N.C. State. To graduate from here and have a fun, great career here is special."

"For Coach Doeren and Debbie Yow to bring me back is also special."

"It has been a blessing. Every day I wake up, I have a championship-mindset. It is an unbelievable experience to be where I am right now and to focus on what is coming up next."

"We have a big year coming up. You are always focused on the next opportunity you have. It has been a great whirlwind. I focus on training every day; I am in great shape right now, physically and mentally. I am really looking forward to having another great year."

"To have my jersey honored by N.C. State is truly special. Coming out of high school, I had an opportunity to play professional baseball. I turned it down and decided I wanted to go to N.C. State and graduate in three years; I made a promise to my dad. I took 18 credits every semester while playing football and baseball. It was a lot of hard work."

"I went through a lot of good times and bad times too, my dad being extremely sick, and being mentally tough to get through all of that."

"I had some great teammates. I think about Willie Young, who is a great friend, and J.R. Sweezy, who is on my team now and has a locker right next to me in the Seattle Seahawks organization."

"To have my jersey honored, it is something I will never forget."

"I was in Dick's Sporting Goods when I was going into my senior year of high school, I remember coming down to N.C. State and seeing all the jerseys. I will never forget, I was there with my brother and my dad and just telling them that my goal was to be the next quarterback up on the wall."

"To be where I am today, it is truly special. I love N.C. State. It has truly been a great opportunity for me to go here and graduate from here."

"Coach Avent, he is one of the reasons I came to N.C. State and Coach Holliday too, as well. I have developed a great relationship with both of those guys. They really inspire me a lot every day. They just always inspired me to work hard, to have a plan and to just go for it. Coach Holliday and I had so many talks about just never stopping and the work ethic you have to put into it and the same thing with Coach Avent too. He inspired me to come to N.C. State."

"I really loved N.C. State and it worked out for me."

"There is a reason why I came to N.C. State. It is in a great city, in Raleigh. There are tons of things going on. You have UNC right around the corner. You have Duke right around the corner."

"The football energy seemed almost like a SEC-feel, where the energy at this school for football was unbelievable and it had a great history of guys who came before me. I wanted to continue that tradition. Then, obviously, the baseball side of it too. I could play football and baseball."

"To be here with the alumni, you have a heart for those guys. Just seeing those guys smile and to be able to smile is special."

"There is a fine line between people telling you 'no' and you really being able to do it and people telling you 'no' and you really not having the ability to do it."

"That is what I told the team [prior to the Spring Game], people telling you 'your team is too young' or 'you guys aren't good enough,' that should have no affect on you, in terms of the way you approach the game. If anything, it should fire you up that much more."

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