Barry focused on visits

Mohamed Barry is taking a step back after he appeared to be closing in on a decision. He discusses the latest inside.

One of the most talented players in Georgia in the 2015 class, linebacker/safety Mohamed Barry appeared to be very close to a commitment. He tweeted that he was going to release a top five and then commit over the weekend. Late Thursday night, those plans changed after conferring with family.

"I decided to slow it down because my mom didn't think I was making a decision where I wanted," Barry said. "It was more like I was making a decision because maybe the fans were pressing or coaches were pressing. She wanted me to make the decision because I truly wanted to be at that school and not make the wrong choice. She wanted me not to commit and end up making one I did not keep.

"I'll just wait until school is over so I can focus on what school I want to go to. I'll take visits and see where I'm going and see the people over there. See the community and all that. Just know my teammates who I'm going to be around and all that. Talk to the second, third and fourth strings, the people that don't even play. See how they like it. I just want to make the right decision for me and make sure I'm not committing to a school where I won't keep my commitment."

Next up for Barry, with a commitment on hold, is visiting several schools in order to see which ones standout.

"As of now, there are two schools that I know I'm going to take a visit to," Barry said. "Those are Syracuse and Wisconsin. I will also take a visit to N.C. State, probably USF. When I take one to N.C. State, I'll probably go up to Wake Forest since it's right up the road. I'm going to try to take a lot my visits.

"Unless those schools don't wow me, I'm going to focus on my trips to Syracuse and Wisconsin. I'm going to stay at each school for three days. My mom will be with me and my cousin."

The time line for Barry has been pushed back as he takes time to really focus on his recruitment. He will look towards focusing on three schools after his initial round of visits, and close in on a decision at that point.

"I'm going to take my visits, all of my visits, before the end of June," Barry said. "Then I'm going to make my top three. I'll narrow it down to three and take another visit to them. Honestly, it's going to be the school I'm feeling the most. So if it comes down to the last visits, and let's say I'm feeling Wisconsin the most, the last time I visit it's going to be there.

"Let's say if it's down to Wisconsin, N.C. State and Syracuse, and I'm feeling Syracuse the most, I'm going to wait until the last moment to visit Syracuse. I'll take the other two first to see if they wow me in front of Syracuse. If not, if they don't wow me, then I'm going to commit to the third school while I'm there."

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