SIGNEE STATUS: Culler Ready To Go

Pack Pride checks in with Wilmington (NC) Laney linebacker Coult Culler as he counts down the days until his arrival at NC State.

Physically Culler has it all.
It usually takes players a couple of years in college before they get to the playing weight they really want to be at but Coult Culler is already there.
Culler is carrying 240 pounds on his 6-4 ½ frame and that's perfect for a player that expects to play inside linebacker in college. He has always been big but the training regimen in the offseason has helped him get even bigger. 
Those numbers are not inflated either. That's what he checked in at when he visited NC State for the spring game and the coaches took down the numbers for all of the players that had signed in February.
"They're just telling me to go with where my body takes me now. I'm just working out and eating. I don't think they want me too skinny but I don't think they want me too fat either. I'm happy with where I'm at."
Culler will want to stay around the weight he's at when he gets to NC State and that could help him have an advantage over some of the other players competing for playing time. While they are trying to increase their size, he will just be learning the playbook and adjusting to the speed of the college game.
Culler went to a spring practice on his own but he wasn't just a passive bystander on that visit. He ate breakfast with the team, sat in on position meetings and a team meeting, and talked to some coaches.

"I talked to Coach Hux for a little bit. Me and my parents went to the spring game too. The spring game was awesome. We got to see everybody up there including the kids that already graduated early. It was good seeing them and some of the upperclassmen." 
Life will be busy for Culler when he gets to NC State in June. For now he has settled into a pretty simple routine.
High school ends around 1:20 in the afternoon and he immediately goes to run on the track or do some biking outdoors. Cone drills are often a part of his day until his gym opens at 2:30. From there he works out for another 60-90 minutes.
"Coach Hux talked to me and gave me some info so I've been working on the position drills he does. There's some individual stuff he does with the linebackers that I'm working on. I'm going to a personal trainer who makes a workout for me and my position so I'm going off that but it's basically the same as what they've told me."
Culler said he's noticed that NC State lost a couple of linebackers from last year's team and he said he also knows the position was dinged up in the spring with a couple of injuries. He feels that could give him a chance to play early.

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