AUDIO: Pack Preps For Heels

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Elliott Avent, Brett Austin, and Trea Turner met with the media to discuss Tuesday's game against North Carolina.

Elliott Avent

"Don't know yet [who will be pitching]. We just had practice today."

"I know we pitched Carlos on three days rest in Omaha last year, but that was him following me into the basement of Rosenblatt and demanding it pretty much."

"I'm not leaning towards Carlos, but I hadn't made a decision of who it's going to be yet."

"I saw him talking to Tom a lot during practice... if I'm leaning towards somebody it's probably Eric Peterson maybe."

"A lot of people aren't available. That's the problem with this game... it's unfortunate that everybody got rain on Thursday and a lot of people played doubleheaders on Friday."

"I'd love to have an ACC championship ring... it would be really special to win the ACC championship."

"If we don't win tomorrow's game, I think we're definitely on the bubble... I think we win tomorrow's game we're definitely in. If we lose tomorrow, it depends on how many teams they take from the ACC and who wins the championship."

"Our last 15 games have been the best of the year. We're playing good right now. It would be a shame if this team didn't make the NCAA Tournament."

"The stars did align. I saw something where if we didn't play it would have been the first time since 1918. That would be a shame."

"Meeting in Omaha, that was magic... this is a big game, but I wouldn't say it was as big as that game was."

Brett Austin

"It's kind of exciting that we get to go out and play these guys."

"It wouldn't be a NC State season if we didn't get to play them."

"It's exciting."

"We can do it in front of a bunch of fans."

"It's a good, fun game between us two."

"Our backs are against the wall."

"That's not my call."

"I think we have pretty good guys that can go out there and get some wins."

Trea Turner

"We felt like we had to win since the Wake Forest series."

"We don't want to just win one game and make it into the ACC Tournament and not make the NCAA Tournament."

"Both of them are still alive."

"We're not sitting there waiting or anything like that."

"Probably, they are our rivals and everything, but it's just not another team. It wouldn't matter if we're playing FSU, Virginia, or Wake Forest, we have to win against whoever is on the other side."

"We'll see."

"We used to play [11:00 a.m. games] in high school."

"Definitely. Just playing them, they could end our season this year too. If we don't win, we don't know if we're going to make the postseason."

"I don't know how all the pitches and all that works... we'll see. You know as much as I do."

"I wish he could throw every game."

"Baseball is a hard game. No one has ever been perfect in it. It's a game of failure."

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