Avent: "We Didn't Do Enough"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Elliott Avent met with the media to discuss the Wolfpack missing the NCAA Tournament.

Elliott Avent

"I was a little shocked that Kansas got in. The Big 12 had a good year, their RPI in the league was good... I just didn't think Kansas was going to get a bid."

"Me and Ray Tanner started doing this thing a long time ago, we'd have our own board. Even when we weren't at the same place we'd call each other and go through the board. We got pretty good at it."

"I was a little shocked to see Kansas."

"I know we were on the board late last night with five teams left... I think five teams were on the board... we were one of the four or five teams. It didn't happen. A couple of upsets probably hurt."

"We just didn't do quite enough to get in obviously."

"It's very tough but it shows the parity in college baseball and the parity in college athletics... it shows how difficult it is and you can't take anything for granted."

"It's a scenario that I didn't count on."

"There were so many games... the Duke loss, up 10-4... we just can't."

"I do think our conference record hurt us a little bit."

"I think the play-in game with Carolina. I think if we win that game we get in."

"Hopefully the conference can go back to the double-elimination, ten-team tournament which is what we voted in initially... having two games in the tournament and having the ability to pitch our best pitcher."

"Obviously we didn't do enough."

"Could we have got in this tournament, I still feel like we could have gone to Omaha."

"It just shows how hard it is to get there."

"Nobody in the country that wanted to see NC State coming to their regional."

"We knew we had a lot of freshmen, and the expectations of NC State baseball is high, and the reason it's high is because we've built such a great program here."

"We knew we had so many freshmen that were going to start this year."

"To think Carlos Rodon, Brett Austin, Trea Turner, Logan Ratledge, Jake Fincher... some of those guys may not be back next year, but those guys built a program or helped take a good program to another level. They will all be remembered at NC State."

"I think we may see a couple of those guys come back next year and help wipe out the disappointment of this season."

"You do that today, that starts today."

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