SIGNEE STATUS: Bradbury Knows His Role

2014 football signee Garrett Bradbury talks with Pack Pride about what his role will be at NC State.

Coaches these days have to occasionally deal with egos here and there but that's not something Dave Doeren is probably going to have to struggle with when it comes to Garrett Bradbury.
Some skill position players expect the ball in their hands on every play it seems. Bradbury would certainly wouldn't mind that but he already seems to have a very realistic understanding of what his role is going to be at NC State.

He might catch some passes but his first duty is to bring some physicality to the offense and pave the way for others to make plays.
The 6-3, 250-pound incoming freshman from Charlotte Christian will be either a tight end or a fullback or even a hybrid of the two when he gets to NC State on June 22.
"I was a tight end and a defensive end in high school so fullback would be new somewhat. They haven't talked to me too much about it. They want me to be a hand-on-the-ground guy helping them out as a blocker and catching some routes. I'll do whatever they need me to do."
Bradbury did have a lot of chances to catch the ball last year and earlier as his coaches used him as much more than a blocker. When it came to his blocking he felt like he was more successful and dominant on running plays than passing plays but he feels capable in both situations.
He has been working hard in the weight room because he knows there will be a lot of young competition.
"I've put on probably ten or fifteen pounds. They like me where I'm at but I'll put on more weight when I get up there. I know they lost a senior and there's three of us coming in so hopefully I can get on the field as soon as possible."
Bradbury is very comfortable with a mostly blocking role on offense but he did say he will miss defense.
"Yeah I'll definitely miss it. Wherever I can get on the field."

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