Smith Plans To Visit NC State

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- 2016 point guard Dennis Smith has been one of the top performers at the NBPA Top 100 Camp, and here is an update on his recruitment.

2016 point guard Dennis Smith has been one of the top performers at the NBPA Top 100 Camp, and here is an update on his recruitment.


How do you feel being one of the top 2016 guards here at NBA Camp?
It's great, it's a great group of guys, lot of good guards here to matchup up against.

Who has been the toughest matchup for you so far?
I can't really say nobody.

Watching you play, your body control in the paint and how you operate in traffic... has that always come natural to how you play your game?
Yeah I think so, I guess I'm naturally strong, like country strong. Being from the country, I would play outside all the time, and I guess I'm used to getting bumps like that.

How was the European trip for you—anything of benefit for you aside from being able to play over there?
That was the main thing, we got blown out every game, it's a whole new style of play over there, you can learn a lot from playing those guys.

What did you learn about yourself and your game while you were over there?
I definitely got to get stronger so I can take more bumps on the drive, like on my hip... I gotta use off ball screens more and better.

Heard you were on Duke's campus for a visit Dennis, what was that experience like for you?
It was a good experience. It's a nice campus, and I just had a really good time hanging out with the coaching staff.

Did you get many questions answered by the staff?
Not really, I didn't ask too many questions. I got an offer when I got up there, they basically told me that they want me as their point guard.

What was that experience like for you receiving the offer directly from Coach K?
It felt good and I was smiling ear to ear... kinda like I am right now. It was a good experience.

What makes you smile ear-to-ear reference the Duke offer??
One of the greatest coaches of all time, on any level.

Did you get to visit with any of the NBA players on campus during your Duke visit?
Yeah, Seth Curry, Austin Rivers and all 3 of the Plumlee brothers were out there and Kyrie Irving, he was out there working out too.

Did you talk with Kyrie at all ?
Not really.

What did you learn from the Duke players that you were able to interact with ?
They still have a good connection with their coach. They said it's like a family environment and they can come back and ask Coach K anything and he'll be there for them.

How would you characterize your interest in Kentucky?
I'm interested in Kentucky, but I haven't heard anything from them at all.

Have you heard from any past Kentucky players?
Yeah, John Wall, he's a hometown player from Raleigh. I heard from him late last year.

In the grand scheme of things with the early offers, how big a deal is it to you with those schools who have offered you so early in your process?
It's not really that big a deal. I think it'll make it easier to narrow down schools later down the road.

What's the offers that you don't have currently that you are hoping to get?
Kentucky and Florida.

What is it for you about Kentucky and Florida that makes you want those offers?
They have great coaches and they usually produce great guards.

Are you having any serious discussions with anybody about playing together in college... is that a potential option for you?
Yeah, you can say that, I've been talking with Harry, Harry Giles, Jayson Tatum and Seventh Woods. Not really too serious right now, it's up in the air right now.

What do you think could cause that to become a serious option for you?
Whenever we narrow down our schools, if we have the same Final 4 or something, then we'll probably be serious about it then.

NC State is a school that's been involved with you Dennis, can you share where you are in the process with them right now?
I'm going to probably take a visit there real soon, probably at the start of the next basketball season. They offered me last year.

How big a deal for you was it that NC State was one of your first offers?
Yeah, they were like my third offer i think. I grew up a NC State fan.

What made you like NC State growing up?
My grandma liked them.

What do you think about them now with their style of play and coaching staff?
I really don't know too much about their style of play, i gotta watch them more closely.

I wanted to ask you also about a discussion surrounding Nike and Adidas and Under Armour and how that potentially affects recruiting, for you Dennis, is that really a big deal for you in your consideration of schools?
No, not at all. That doesn't matter at all to me.

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