VIDEO: Wilson Talks Passing Academy

NC State great Russell Wilson returns to Raleigh for his annual passing academy. Here are some comments from Wilson on the camp and his return to NC State's campus. Russell Wilson Video Interview

"It's one of a kind. I'm really happy to be here, obviously."

"We have about 300 kids here today and we have some unbelievable sponsors... we just want to reach out to these kids anyway possible. To spend time with them, to influence their life in a positive way."

"I want to change one kid's life at least, for the positive. To be back here at this school that helped change my life is a great thing."

"The best part of working with the kids is just being around them... to hopefully inspire them to do something so great in their life that they never expected."

"I want to encourage them in anyway possible."

"Just to be on this turf and share the field with them, it can't get any better."

"To think back to when I was on this field trying to make it... how I got there, that was through hard work, dedication, leadership, a belief that I could do it."

"That's special to me, to be able to go all across the country, international to Vancouver, Canada."

"To see the tower, to come on this field with the beautiful grass, I didn't have the turf field before. So, I wish I had the turf field I would have been on it too much probably. It's probably a good thing they didn't have it."

"It's work ethic and a dedication to my craft."

"I want to do it my whole career in terms of being able to influence so many people in a positive cause."

"This year we have 3,200 [kids] and we're going to eight different locations."

"This one is packed. We have so many numbers that's on the wait list... it's a great thing."

"There have been a couple of kids who asked to see my Super Bowl ring that we got two days ago."

"We had this big ceremony, a big special event... everybody in our organization was there. Just to be able to share that moment with everybody... it was really special."

"The demands on my time haven't changed that much. I've been able to invest in the people I care about."

"I have the right people around me.. in terms of doing what I want to do. I dream big and I believe in myself and I believe in the other people I have around me. They help me to continue to move forward."

"To see President Obama and be around him, it was really something awesome. That's when you really realize you won the Super Bowl."

"There have been tons of people that told me no. I want to influence [these kids] in as many ways as possible."

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