Atterbury Hoping For Offer From Wolfpack

Clearwater (FL) offensive lineman Billy Atterbury camped at NC State is hoping for an offer.

NC State already has Clearwater (FL) Central Catholic OL Billy Atterbury's attention even without offering him. If they do offer they have plenty of room to rise on his list and there's a good chance they'll do just that.
In fact, Atterbury recently told Pack Pride that an offer from the Wolfpack would be very difficult to turn down. The 3-star offensive lineman visited NCSU and Duke the week before last.
He seemed to enjoy that trip to Duke and there's no doubt the visit to Raleigh impressed him as well.
"I liked Duke. It's a really nice campus and a really smart institution. They definitely think of academics as well as athletics and for my parents that's important. It's important for me as well. I really liked it there.
"I definitely liked NC State as well. They have a lot of new stuff there. New everything. New buildings. The new indoor facility that's going to be put in. All the new dorms. When you go on the campus you feel like it's up and coming with so many greater things to come."
Atterbury wasn't just there to visit. He was hoping to earn an offer at the camp. Atterbury said he feels good about the day he turned in. He talked to Dave Doeren and Mike Uremovich and both of them said he helped himself by choosing to camp. They did not offer but have not ruled an offer out as a possibility.
The drills went smoothly but Atterbury said the 1-on-1s are where he really thrived.
"I think the 1-on-1s are your test of wills. I'm going to stand in your way and in front of you. You're going to try to go around me but you're not."
If that was the standard of how he should be judged Atterbury said he did well.
Atterbury had visited State before so he knew his way around a little bit.
"I really like Coach U and Coach Doeren with their open door policy of always being able to visit them. That's really cool. All their coaches are always so free to talk to you. I feel like I really get along with them. They're honest with me. With the recruiting process there are coaches that will lie to you. They'll say you're so important and you need to come and visit and they haven't offered yet. You don't want to waste your money on it if you don't know where you stand with them. I like schools that are honest with me.
"Currently I have eleven offers and they would automatically be in my top five if they offered."
Atterbury mentioned UCF and USF as two schools that would also be near the top of his list and both of those have the advantage of being closer to home. He said NC State, Duke and Wake Forest are three other schools that have impressed him for a long time.
"UCF is really nice. It's not as far away. It's still in the state. Obviously you're busy and can't always go home but if you need that option it's really close. I really like it. I'm used to Florida. It's over in Orlando. They have all the theme parks. They have the beach. If I was to go up north somewhere where there isn't the beach it would be somewhat new to me. I really like the feel I get from their coaching staff when I walk on the campus. When I took the tour I got completely across the campus in fifteen minutes. When you go to most big universities you expect it to take an hour to walk around campus and that can happen. But there it's compact even though it's a big student body.
"USF was also great. I've talked to them a bunch of times. I went to some of their games last year. I really like talking to Coach Taggart and the other coaches there. I feel like we really get along well too."
Atterbury is willing to wait and find out if State and some others will offer but he said he would like to put the decision behind him before the summer ends.

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