NBPA: Eric Davis Q&A

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- Pack Pride checks in with Saginaw (MI) four-star combo guard Eric Davis for an update on his recruitment.

Pack Pride checks in with Saginaw (MI) four-star combo guard Eric Davis for an update on his recruitment.


You mentioned trimming your list soon, what's going into that process as you decide what schools stay on or come off?
Really it's the relationship with the coaches, how often I talk with them.

I really want to be comfortable with my coach at whatever school I go to because as the point guard, you have to be able to talk with them on the floor. So for me, me and the head coach have to really know each other with both the good and the bad.

Plus it's the academics program, I really want to major in business, so that's a big priority as well.

Who has been making you a priority Eric in terms of contact/interest?
Tom Izzo, Coach Beilein at Michigan, Coach Altman at Oregon, Coach Gottfried at NC State. I've been hearing from Kentucky too and UCONN coaches now and I've talked with Coach Townsend at Kansas and some from Florida and Iowa, Coach McCaffrey makes me a priority.

In terms of the ideal role for you in college, are you thinking you need to be the point guard or play off the ball as a combo?
I think I'm going to be more of a combo.

It's not really me at this point to be a natural point guard, but I can score in a variety of ways and be interchangeable. Be like guys like Kyrie and others who can both score and set guys up, that's my kind of game, get guys good looks and also score.

That's the kind of game that Coach Calipari and others have told me I could play.

Is that a similar pitch that you hear from other head coaches recruiting you?
Yeah that's the main thing, they want the ball in my hands generally but you are always to go have another guard out there so you have to be able to handle the ball, relieve pressure. The coaches I've been talking with say that's what they want me to do, have the ball in my hands and make plays.

You mentioned Coach Gottfried earlier. What's the relationship like with him?
Me and him talk a lot, and I talk with all of his assistant coaches quite a bit.

It's just a good relationship. Coach Gottfried is a great guy, and I have a great relationship with him. I really enjoy talking with him.

What's the potential visit plan for you with NC State. Anything on the table?
No, not yet. The only schools I have decided officially to take a visit to are UCLA and UNLV. I don't have dates yet for those two, but I have confirmed with the head coaches there that I'll be visiting, maybe sometime in August once I get some free time.

With your 3 other official visits to take, is there a pecking order of who is likely to host the other official visits?
Yeah, pretty much, just a little bit.

I don't think too much about it other than I know for sure that I'm going to UCLA and UNLV because I've been talking with them for a while, and I really feel comfortable with them as programs.

The other 3, I really haven't thought about it yet because I don't want to put too much pressure on myself with that at this point. I just want to enjoy everything this summer.

From hearing you describe things, how much of a meaningful role would you say NC State plays in your recruitment overall?
NC State, if anything, they have the top tier.

If I were to think about a list, NC State would be up there because I feel comfortable with them. They have a meaningful role for sure in my recruitment ,and if I didn't mention them a lot earlier, I wasn't trying to say anything, they have a meaningful role with me.

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