Pack In The Mix For Florida Lineman

Offensive lineman T.J. McCoy earned an NC State offer at camp and now has State as one of his top schools.

T.J. McCoy is becoming a common name in the world of recruiting but just as he's starting to gain recognition he's also thinking about making a decision.

This week McCoy said he wants to make a college decision sometime between late July and early to mid-August.
With offers from NC State, Rutgers, USF, and Navy, McCoy has a few options to take into account. As he's inspecting all of those schools he's waiting to find out whether other schools might offer. Georgia and Florida are two schools he camped at and those are a couple of his top choices.
"I would say North Carolina State, Rutgers, USF, Florida and Georgia are all right there at the top of my list. Those are my top schools but not in any order. Those are just the schools I'm interested in."
Tony McCoy is T.J. McCoy's father and was a 10-year veteran of the NFL where he played for the Indianapolis Colts and the Arizona Cardinals. He played his college football at Florida and that helps explain his interest in the Gators to a degree.
McCoy camped at NCSU last week and that's when he picked up the offer from the Wolfpack. He believes he was one of the top players there and stood out against some of the other linemen at the camp.
"I was up there visiting family and my coach told me they had a camp so I went there, worked out, and they gave me an offer. The next day I came and visited the school. I got to see the facilities and talked to the coaches about Xs and Os. It was great. I thought the school and the program were great. I really like the coaching staff down there. That would be one of my top picks of places I want to go to school at."
USF is a little closer to home for the Groveland (FL) lineman. The Tampa-based university is just more than an hour from his home. Offensive coordinator Paul Wulff has also gained McCoy's trust in the time the two have known one another.

But he's not the only coach on the Bulls' staff that McCoy appreciates.
"I love Coach Wulff and I love Coach Taggart. Coach Taggart is a down to earth guy. He told me I have a great shot of going in there as a freshman and playing for them. I really like Coach Wulff because he coached for the 49ers so he gives me that pro coaching thing. If I go to USF I'm going to be coached by somebody who knows the NFL and what it takes to get there.  He's a very smart individual. When I went up there he taught me different things like to jam, over and under, things like that. He's very intelligent. He's a very intelligent coach and teacher. I feel like he's one of the best offensive line coaches in college right now. Just the knowledge he has from being in the NFL is important. He knows where I want to go and he believes he can get me there."
Rutgers is the other school in McCoy's top five that has offered. He has never been to New Jersey's state university but does plan to do that soon.
Though he has not been to Rutgers he did go to one of the camps they held at Bethune-Cookman. He added an offer from Bethune-Cookman while he was there but the best part of that camp was getting to know Kyle Flood and the other Scarlet Knight coaches.
"I think I'm going to go up there this week or next week. They coached me up a lot and I liked it a lot. They're a really intense coaching staff. They like perfection and that's the kind of coaching staff I like. Their coaches want the best out of you. They're going to check every little detail to make sure you're doing your job right. It's a great Big 10 program."
Florida and Georgia have not offered but their coaches are telling McCoy to keep them in mind. His interest in Florida is in part due to his dad's history there but that doesn't explain all of it.
Their offensive line coach is Mike Summers and McCoy likes everything he knows about him.
"Coach Summers is a great teacher. He's very set on making sure you're a technician. He's a technique guy and wants to make sure you're technically sound.  When I went to camp there he said technique would help me. He said he knows that I'm a big and strong guy but technique will help me beat them better. He wanted to make sure I was chopping my feet, bending my elbows in pass sets, getting in a short stance and staying low. If I went to Florida I know I would become a better technician."
Georgia offensive line coach Will Friend is one of the big reasons McCoy likes the idea of playing Between the Hedges in Athens. But he doesn't just like Friend as a coach.
"I really like Coach Friend personally. He's my kind of guy. Before the game he's one of those guys that's like ‘We're going to kill these people. We're going to seek and destroy them.' He's a very intense coach. When I went to Georgia's camp I could tell he's very intense. He's about technique and also about punishing your opponent and finishing the drill and finishing your opponent."
McCoy said he has been invited to a select camp at the University of Georgia for a small number of recruits trying to earn offers on July 18.

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