Love Making Announcement Plans

MOORESVILLE, N.C. --- Due to a track meet earlier in the day, Bryce Love was unable to participate in Fedora's Freak Show. However, it didn't stop the 5-foot-10, 173-pound running back from Wake Forest (N.C.) from attending the big event.

"I definitely wish I would have participated," Love said. "It definitely gets you hyped seeing people out there competing [and] running around. Loving the game you want to be out there competing. I really wanted to be out there.

"I really liked how the players got out there, interacted with each other [and] interacted with the other recruits. I got to meet all the running backs on the team. It was definitely a good experience."

In particular, Love bonded with Elijah Hood, T.J. Logan, and Romar Morris.

"Really, all of them were real cool people," Love said. "They were all down to earth. Everybody was from around the area. They said they're all a family."

A year ago, Love attended the Freak Show where he watched then position coach Randy Jordan tutor the running backs in attendance. This time around, Love was able to evaluate Larry Porter as a coach.

"I had a friend actually go through it – Marcus Marshall," Love said. "He told me how it was from an intensity aspect. Coaching wise [Porter] definitely brings different things to the table. Him and Coach Jordan are different people but both of them are really good at what they do."

Love is finished visiting schools until after he participates in The Opening. After that, he'll resume his travels with stops at Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, as well as the in-state schools.

Towards the end of the summer, Love is looking to make a verbal commitment.

"Really, it's whenever I can get space in the auditorium," Love said. "It might not be during the season until I can get space, though. We've already started planning it. My principal is okay with it [and] Coach [Reggie] Lucas is helping me schedule it."

Although he's in the process of planning an announcement, Love says he doesn't have a leader.

"I wouldn't say I'm leaning towards a school," Love said. "I'm starting to pay more attention to what each school brings to the table. I'm really getting down in to it – figure out which schools have my major, how the classrooms are, will I get along with the people."

Love is looking into majoring in bioengineering, biology, or genetics.

Though he doesn't claim a leader, Love has a list of favorite schools – UNC, NC State, Stanford, and Tennessee.

"It's definitely just the relationship I have with the coaches," Love said. "Each one of [those schools] brings different things to the table. Stanford, you know, is a world-class education. Tennessee is on the come up and they're in the SEC. State and UNC are close to home."

After returning from The Opening, Love said plans to announce an "official" list of finalists.

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