Gottfried: "I Like Our Team"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Mark Gottfried met with the media on Tuesday in the Dail Center. Here is the audio from his press conference and some notable quotes.

Mark Gottfried met with the media on Tuesday in the Dail Center. Here is the audio from his press conference and some notable quotes.

Mark Gottfried

"I'm very excited for T.J. Warren. I had a lot of fun in New York City with he and his parents. It was really exciting to watch how excited they were."

"We've got a group of guys that got a taste of the NCAA Tournament... we have young players that really need to improve this offseason, get better."

"It's going to be a fun time to watch these young guys take the next step."

"There is a lot happening."

"Every year and every team is different."

"We all knew T.J. was good... he exceeded my expectations."

"Those guys are a lot further ahead then they were last year. The majority of our roster will be freshmen and sophomores, but we're farther along."

"It will be difficult to replace a guy like T.J."

"This year's team, I think you'll have different guys step up and be better."

"Every year is different. I think this year probably our team is going to be much more balanced, a little more like the first two teams we had here offensively."

"I like our team. I like the talent level that we have."

"The young guys that we have, who we think are going to contribute."

"Can we put it all together and become a really good team?"

"The three forwards, BeeJay, Lennard, and Kyle... that group has to be more consistent. They have to be better."

"We are excited about Trevor. I think everybody in the gym gained a great deal of respect for him. He has a high basketball IQ and a great feel for the game. He makes the game easy and makes the right pass at the right time. He can give us some three-point shooting, which we definitely need."

"They maximized that year... maximizing the year off. He's probably about 205 pounds right now, in much better shape."

"I think the ball is in Cat's hands, but I do think that Trevor is going to play point guard a lot. He's an off-guard that has a point guard mentality."

"With Trevor and Cat you'll have two guys on the floor that by nature are truly point guards."

"Desmond is a senior. I think he's capable [of being the third point guard], but at that point you kind of do it by committee."

"Cat has put in a lot of time. He's put a lot of time in shooting the ball."

"The first step is his conditioning. BeeJay is still working on those things and it's going to be a process for him. He's done a good job. He just has a ways to go."

"I think Malik has a chance to be a great player. Physically very gifted and unbelievably coachable."

"We talk to our players about staying out of trouble. You have to put your mind in motion before your body in gear."

"They let it heal and he started to have a little more pain recently. Doctors said the best thing is to put a screw in."

"Cody and Caleb can push those guys. Competition always makes you better. It makes the cream rise to the top."

"Competition is a good thing, I like it."

"One thing [Terry Henderson] does is shoot the ball well from the perimeter. I don't think that's all he does."

"If one of [the Martin twins] is hot and he gets in foul trouble, I'm switching jerseys at halftime."

"Cody has improved his three-point shooting. They are similar and they look at identical. I can tell them apart. It's top secret though."

"I do think it has been a big plus for us to have our staff together."

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