DeBrossard Hoping For Wolfpack Offer

Offensive lineman Darion DeBrossard camped at NC State and is now waiting to see if the Pack will offer.

Darion DeBrossard was one of the top offensive linemen to camp at NC State this summer.
Now he waits to find out whether the Wolfpack will offer.
DeBrossard attended the June 13th camp at NC State and he would have liked to spend more time in Raleigh. It was his first time visiting the school but because of time constraints was not able to check out everything that the Wolfpack has to offer.  For the short time he was in town he was working out and that left very little time to do anything else.
“I was able to look at their sports complex as well as their stadium but I was really there for the camp. It was a one day camp. I feel like I won all my one on ones and the coaches liked me. The coach I worked with was Coach U and he was working with the offensive line. I talked to Coach Nielsen before camp started. He’s the defensive line coach.
“I was very impressed with North Carolina State. I liked the whole aspect of the demographics with the school being in the city. I liked their colors and academically it seems like a really good school. I was very impressed.”
Shiloh High School is DeBrossard’s home and at this level he can dominate his opponents with overpowering force. There aren’t too many defensive linemen that can test the 6-4, 323 pound lineman. NC State told DeBrossard he could play guard or tackle should they decide to offer.
While DeBrossard has not spoken with Uremovich or Nielsen over the phone much since the camp they have been conversing him with him on Twitter.
DeBrossard camped at Mississippi State in June and he will go back to Starkville for another camp next week.
“I went to their camp at week before I went to NC State. The offensive line coach over there was really impressed with me. They invited me back for the camp they have with all their guys that are committed or they like. I can say my options are open. I want to go to a school that has the academics as well as the athletics. I’m just going to these camps and looking for the right fit.”
DeBrossard has stated previously that he'd like pursue pre-law or economics once he gets to college.

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