GREENSBORO, N.C. -- NC State senior defensive end Art Norman met with the media at the ACC Football Kickoff. Here are some quotes from one of his media sessions.

Tony was talking about kind of not looking back to last year, but everywhere you look, the numbers are beside what happened last year as far as the record. How difficult was it to go through, and what do you expect will change that this year?
Well, last year we were coming in under a new staff, and I feel like we didn't really have like a lot of senior leaders just because they didn't know how to set the tempo kind of thing because this is a new tempo, we didn't really know what to expect so we're all kind of going through it together, nobody really stepped out and led from the team. This year I feel like we all know each other. We've got more senior leaders, Tony and Jacoby stepped up a great bunch. Jacoby acted like a leader last year, as well, and a bunch of guys, so that's what I think the big difference is going to be.

What are you going to do with the GoPro video?
The GoPro video is going up on so you guys can see yourselves.

Some people say that an athlete has a nose for the football. You seem to have a nose for the quarterback. What is it about your awareness? What is it about the offensive schemes that you see that allow you to attack into the backfield?
I just use what I have the best I can, kind of like-- that's the thing about playing D-line or defensive end, you don't have to have one thing, you just kind of have to figure out what works and just practice at it and just try to be the best you can at it. That's what I think with me, I just try to set a goal and work towards it kind of thing.

How is progress evaluated on the defensive side this year? How do you know that you're moving the needle?
I don't think we can tell until we start playing.

Tony was talking about no one likes to wear the same outfit back to back days. What is it like for you guys to have a new team in the league, a Louisville, a place that you guys get to visit this year?
I'm excited about Louisville. I don't think I've ever been to Kentucky before. But I'm excited about it. We played against them in the Belk Bowl a couple years ago, and that was pretty fun. I'm looking forward to it.

You returned the majority of your starters on defense. Talk about how much of an impact that's going to make on your season and turning it around this year?
Yeah, that's going to be great. You know, the experience, a lot of guys, it's going to really help. A lot of guys that played last year are stepping up, like M. J., he didn't play a whole lot last year because we had D.J. and Robert Cardwell, but he's going to have to step up more.

Jack Tocho, he stepped up a whole lot, and those guys and a couple more guys, as well, like Mike Rose, as well, he played behind Cato, and they're going to have to step up and help out, too.

You guys struggled at times last year to stop the run and get off the field. I think you were near the bottom in 3rd-down defensive conversions. Talk about those areas of the game and how much better you feel you'll be at stopping the run and getting off the field?
Well, like I said, we've got more experience, more leadership this year, and also we got a couple new guys on the D-line that's going to help us get to that quarterback and help us get some pressure on these quarterbacks, make them throw and pass, and just less time to decide.

What would make this a good senior year for you?
Just finishing on top. The perfect senior year, just winning the ACC Championship.

Are you going to take your GoPro everywhere this season?
No, I think it's just for media day.

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