AUDIO + QUOTES: Dave Doeren

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Here is a collection of audio and quotes from NC State head coach Dave Doeren at the 2014 ACC Football Kickoff.

Dave Doeren

"Jacoby Brissett... I'm excited to see him play. I don't want to put too much on him."

"The expectation, and what they are used to seeing, is pretty good at that spot. We're the only school that can say they have that."

"Jacoby has the skillset, the intangibles... all the things that if you were recruiting a quarterback you would want him."

"I love what he brings to the table. He's so hungry, so excited."

"He hasn't played a lot of college football."

"He's been here for two springs now and through an entire season. I think he knows what coach Canada is looking for. Obviously we know him well."

"We inherited two quarterbacks who hadn't started a game at NC State."

"When Brandon went down we had to re-invent what we were able to do with Pete. It wasn't fair to Pete."

"Jacoby, Jalan, and Garrett are similar in running ability."

"We have a lot back skill-wise that played."

"Adversity brings out a couple of things in people... an opportunity to get better."

"That kind of season scars you."

"We never quit... it showed a lot of resolve in our guys."

"When you walk in and say who can't get hurt and I circle certain guys and they get hurt."

"The most important thing in the world is that. The offensive line is the most un-talked about group of people that has an impact on your football team."

"Rob is doing well. I'm excited for Rob because it's important for him to play well as a senior. He's working really hard."

"There's a lot of skill in our league.. you need to have the ability to change coverages and pressures."

"With all the changes in the lineup it's hard to play as fast as you want."

"We want to have the ability to change tempo. If playing fast is the best way to win that game then we need to do that."

"Bo Hines will fill some of that receiving stuff that [Rashard Smith] did."

"Matt Dayes came out of the spring as our kickoff returner. Matt has a chance to be pretty good back there."

"When you lose a lot of close games I feel like there is a mental aspect to that."

"Shad worked really hard. He gained some weight. I look forward to seeing what he looks like when we get to camp in August. He's a competitive guy who cares about what people think. I told him he has a lot of making up to do."

"We have three talented tailbacks we can give the ball to. Having depth at that position is important."

"Deep threat, jet-sweep guy. He has a lot of confidence on gameday. He can fly now... if you just throw it as far as you can you have a chance."

"Whoever your two is you have to get him reps where he's ready... if he's good enough and he beats out Garrett I hope it's clear."

"Germaine is very physical... tough kid. Very good tackler... he has a lot of fight in him."

"We have to see early on what Pratt can do. He'll definitely be a special teams contributor right away."

"Creecy, Jacoby, Joe Thuney, and Rob Crisp have no problem saying what they need to say when they need to say it."

"There's a lot of athletes in our state that are 5'11-to-6'2 that can run... there are a lot of those body types in North Carolina."

"I've told Tony whenever he said he can't play anymore I'd love to hire him."

"He's so driven to win."

"Takeaways are a big deal on defense. We talk about it every single day."

"Matt is 205 pounds. He was around 220 when he got here. Matt's an explosive runner. He's a homerun guy. I'm excited for Matt."

"Your goal is to get 1 every 30 plays on defense... if it's a 90-play game you want three [takeaways]."

"I think Joe could be an All-ACC player, I really do. He's tough, he's strong, he's super competitive."

"He has the ability to make every throw."

"Kids like to have some bling and some flash. I wanted to do it where it doesn't take away from our tradition."

"It's rare to be honest with you, more rare on offense than defense."

"Tony is just a gifted guy. He's 315 pounds and he can run a 4.9. He's very flexible, smart... 3.8 student."

"Mike's really bought in to the offseason program. Mike is 270.. he played at 240 last year."

"I think Justin Jones and Kentavius Street will both play as freshmen... they are physically ready to play."

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