Veltkamp: "We Pushed Them To Their Limits"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State strength coach Jason Veltkamp met with the media following NC State's Lift For Life event.

Jason Veltkamp

“It's been fun both years now. It lets them cut loose a little bit. We tried to make it more head-to-head competitive this year with the vertical jump.”

“We had some ridiculous scores with eight guys over 38 inches. I believe we had two over 40 inches. It was fun to watch.”

“We always say there is 75%, 90%, and 100% and then there is another gear beyond 100%, and that's competitiveness. When you ask for competitiveness out of them, if they are real competitors they are going to go faster than 100%.”

“There were so many. We had a crew of receivers and defensive backs. I had one group that was all over 32 inches (in the vertical jump) and that group had I think five guys on just that team that went over 37. That's ridiculous there. That's a different place than we were last year when we were hoping for four or five guys total on the team over 37 or 38.”

“Art Norman jumped 38.5 inches at 15 pounds heavier than he was last year. That's fun to watch. Mike Rose, 20 pounds heavier than last year, jumped his PR too at 33.5 inches.”

“It's fun to see those guys who have added the bulk in the winter and learned to carry it into the summer time and come out here and show they are powerful and quick with it as well.”

“I talked to coach Doeren this morning and told him this is a day-and-night different football team than a year ago. We have a lot of work to do and they know that, we know that, but it's a completely different team from one year ago. From a mental toughness standpoint, a size standpoint... there were times last year as a strength coach you kind of hide your head when you send your o-line out the way our o-line looked.”

“I'm really proud of our o-line. Joe Thuney at 300 pounds with a [personal record] on a vertical jump. Andy Jomantas up to 295. Last year he was about 280 pounds and he was on the field. Quinton Schooley played at 284, 285 and he's 305... all much stronger. I'm an o-line guy. I coached o-line and played o-line. I'm fired up watching those guys... they've done everything we asked them.”

“This was probably the easiest thing they did all summer long.”

“We pushed them to their limits this summer, we developed new limits, and some kids did some things they didn't think they could do.”

“They've grown so much. It's been fun to watch.”

“It's an impressive as an [incoming] linemen class... from top-to-bottom as I've been around, maybe ever. Big, strong, and they can all move. They are all workout warrior guys. They didn't show up out of shape. They were out there rolling with the skill guys. That's been fun to watch.”

“The skill element in this class. Great speed, some of those Dbs can fly. We brought a few of those in.. they are workout guys. Shawn Boone, he jumps out to the front... he's been awesome. We had some high expectations when they came in but this group has stepped up and gone to work. We're pretty happy with them right now.”

“Germaine came in at 195 pounds and he weighs about 232 right now. Every single day we adjust the maxes on his sheet. He just can't stop getting stronger. I don't think he saw a weight room before he got here. There's not a magical formula with a guy like that. He's new, he's untrained, and he's ripe to grow.”

“B.J. Hill came in at 265 and he's knocking on the door of 300 pounds right now. Awesome worker.”

“Bo and Steph Louis... they came in and are great workers. It's paid off for them. Man, they can run fast and they can run forever. You need that at the receiver position to play the game we want to.”

“Credit to Andy Jomantas and Purvis. Those guys run this. They come to me each spring and ask when can they put out the press release. They keep it all organized with Lift For Life. It's easy for us. We put a couple of events together and show up... they've been grooming some guys to take their position when they go away... they care enough about the cause because they don't want it to go away when they move on. I'm proud of them for that.”

“It's fun. It's a great way to end the summer. Mid-July, they want to play football.”

“I had more fun this year than last year with the vertical jumps, just to watch them compete.”

“Two guys that are similar and have them jump the best jump. That was fun today.”

“He'll show up at the combine with a time like that and be at the top. That's outstanding and at such a heavier weight. I'm really impressed with Mike Rose's score... then Drew Davis, he's up 15 pounds as well, maybe 20. He jumped up 36+ too. Those are explosive defensive ends.”

“Our d-line, they are excited. They are big, they are strong, they are fast, and they are hungry. This summer, that's definitely stood out... those guys stepping up.”

“David Grinnage jumped 33.5 at about 270 pounds and that's outstanding. You talk about mental toughness, he's come a long way. Some kids don't know what their capabilities are, and he was one. I was in his face a little bit this summer. I told him he could give me a ssshhh when he made every goal time and he gave me a lot of [them] this summer. It was fun to watch because last summer there wouldn't have probably been any, but it was more mental than physical... that's a big, powerful kid who can run and catch a lot of balls.”

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