Suhren Blown Away By Wolfpack Warrior Event

Charlotte (NC) Ardrey Kell junior offensive lineman Taleni Suhren talks about his recent visit to NC State.

After a long and grueling summer camp schedule 2016 Ardrey Kell offensive lineman Taleni Suhren was pleasantly surprised by his last stop at NC State.
Most college camps are high intensity events. Whether one day, two days or three- players can expect to leave worn out after going hard in drills, 1-on-1s, routes and a heavy dose of testing. That may have been what a lot of the campers at NC State expected when they arrived on Friday but that isn’t what they got.
Suhren called the camp a mostly laid back affair that was more about having fun with the guys and meeting some of the Wolfpack’s commitments than about letting the coaches learn about what each player could do.
“We had a lot of fun and there was just about thirty minutes of drills and working out. Other basic stuff like that. It was more of a laid back camp with people kind of getting the experience of what it’s like on an actual game day.”
The Charlotte offensive lineman visited with his parents and the main purpose of the trip was to meet with head coach Dave Doeren. Suhren had visited NC State once before and Doeren had been at a wedding that day. Suhren was anxious to meet the coach that had OK’ed his scholarship offer. He said he enjoyed learning more about his background.
“I think he’s going to turn it around at NC State. He’s got a great set of morals and I love his enthusiasm and intensity. You see just the way he talks and he commands that authority and it’s great. He seems like a great guy.”
Going into the camp he knew Elijah Deveaux and Ryan Gilmartin because they are recruits from his area that he has bumped into plenty of times before.
“It was nice to meet with other kids from Charlotte because NC State does a really nice job of recruiting Charlotte.”
While some recruits may have wanted the chance to work out in that high octane atmosphere to show what they could do Suhren didn’t need to try to earn anything so the laid back vibe was a good feel for him.
“I think that made it a lot more enjoyable. Some of the other recruits understand these past months have been really hectic going to all of these camps and trying to balance between practice and camps. Your body is just in overload. It’s nice to be laid back not trying to prove anything. It made it more enjoyable and it was a chance to bond and get a feel for what it’s like at NC State.”
His interest in NC State is high especially because his first offer came from the Pack. Not only that but Suhren said he likes the in-state aspect. He has family in Raleigh and that’s something else he has thought about.
Through June and most of July Suhren has been to Clemson and North Carolina.
“Clemson went well. They have a lot to offer. They had a really good season and it’s nice to see how they’ve developed because they gave the ACC a little more credit. That was a good visit. Coach Pearman is always a good guy and it was nice to meet the offensive line coach. Coach Swinney is another one of those great coaches. He’s high intensity and brings a lot to the program.
“North Carolina showed interest very early in my recruitment. I met Coach Fedora when he just got there and we’ve been talking a lot. I’m in constant contact with Coach Brewer and Coach Kap. Those guys are always good to talk to.”
Clemson and North Carolina have not offered. NC State, Charlotte, Duke and Wake Forest have.

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