Brissett: "I'm Serious About It"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- With less than a month until the first kickoff of the 2014 football season, NC State has started fall practice. Pack Pride spoke with NC State’s lead signal-caller this upcoming season, Jacoby Brissett.

The focus, attention to detail, and drive to be successful of Jacoby Brissett has been apparent to Brissett’s teammates throughout workouts.

“I think they understand that now that I’m serious about it. When I want to do something, it’s not just for me – it’s for us. We’re gonna have fun doing it, so we might as well just go out and do it.”

Summer workouts have been good for Jacoby, as he feels it’s been a great growing period for him, and other players, in many ways.

“It went well. I lost some body fat, and it got us so much closer together because we had some hard days. It’s just the way we stuck together, kept it consistent, and constantly getting better. You see players like Ali Kassem having his best running time, and Alex Barr running his tail off, and that’s great. You can constantly see players growing, and that’s what you want to see.”

Brissett understands what it takes to successfully compete as the quarterback, and it’s clear that the responsibility of learning more about each of his teammates is something Brissett enjoys.

“It’s great. That’s what makes quarterback so hard and so fun. Each player is different, and you gotta understand each player at every moment of the game.”

Brissett’s relationship with the receivers has been something he has been building since he arrived. Taking time to do both the big and small things with them is something that Brissett realizes is important.

“We went to each at Coach Doeren’s house a couple of days ago, and I’m with them at a table eating. Anytime I can get around them and just let them know that someone has their back, and that I appreciate what they do.”

Saturday was the first day for many new freshmen players. The new addition of true-freshman quarterback Jalan McClendon and his potential has already made an impression on Brissett.

“He’s a big-time quarterback who can make every throw. He’s smart. He wants to be great. I’m here as an older quarterback, and I know how it is on your first day, but he’s gonna come around. He’s gonna be real good.”

One player that Jacoby has been thrilled to have back on the offensive line is senior left tackle Rob Crisp. For Brissett, it was a simplistic statement that expressed Rob’s return to the starting lineup.

“It was great. He’s back, his mind is right, and he’s ready to go.”

One of the more unique statements made by Jacoby was that he had decided to not do any magazine covers this year without his offensive line. What went into that decision for Brissett?

“I’ve gotten enough attention, and it’s not about me. It’s about us. That’s a position that gets overlooked a lot. I was trying to be as respectful as possible. I mean, why not put them in the shot? They need their faces seen.

"Every time you’ve seen them, it’s with their helmets on. So let them take their helmets off, and hopefully they’ll get some girls off that (laughing)."

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