PACK PRIDE Q&A: Kentavius Street

Pack Pride checks in with freshman defensive end Kentavius Street about the upcoming season.

A year ago, freshman defensive end Kentavius Street was preparing for his senior season in high school. Now he's adjusting to the college game after arriving at NC State as one of the Wolfpack's most heralded recruits.

Pack Pride caught up with Street after his first practice at State and he talked about that transition as well as where he thinks he's at in his development as a collegiate defensive end.

How has practice been, and how are you progressing?
[It's been] well. I have a lot of things to work on. Coach Nielsen is a great coach and he's taught me a lot of things. I feel like I've gotten better in my pass rush and I'm using my hands a lot better so today was a good day.

What has been the biggest challenge for you going from high school to college?
The tempo of everything from classes to practice... everything is a lot faster and you have to pick up on everything a lot faster.

We hear a lot about time management. Is that something that's important and are you picking it up?
The way they set up our tutoring with classes mainly, I can get my homework done quickly and then I can spend a lot of time on my playbook. So, they really have it set up for us to manage our time well.

Coming in as a new guy, have any of the older players taken you in under their wing to help you make the transition to college?

All of them from Joe Wright to Mike Rose to Art Norman... all of them.

They're all great teammates.

I'm feeling real confident in my ability. The defensive linemen, the linebackers, the defensive backs, everyone's done a great job in bringing me along. I felt like I was a newcomer to everything, but now I feel like I'm part of the group. It's coming along well.

Where do you think you are right now compared to what you feel like you can be down the road?
I think I'm at 10% honestly. I've got a ton of work to do to get more physical with my hands, get faster off the blocks, faster off the ball. I've got a lot of things to work on but I've got a ceiling to reach.

Have any of the defensive linemen impressed you?
Mike Rose and Art Norman by far.

Mike Rose is a tremendous athlete. He never gives up on the play. He's always pursuing. I remember one of the last plays of the series he chased the ball down and forced a fumble. The guy is relentless.

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