RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pack Pride checks in with freshman wideout Bo Hines as he prepares for the upcoming season.

Freshman wide receiver Bo Hines was one of the standouts in NC State's spring game. He's hoping that carries over to the 2014 season and Pack Pride caught up with him recently to talk about that and how he's progressed during the off season.

How did it feel to get back out there and start preparing for the upcoming season?
It felt great just getting back out there with my teammates. We're starting to put in work and get our timing down. We've been working all summer but we're trying to pick up the little things and touch up the little things you can't do without pads and the whole team there.

How do you feel like the team is coming along so far after having basically a year and a half together under the new staff?
You know what's great that I've heard is different from last year is we actually went through the whole summer learning terminology, working on stuff to put in so we're actually rolling full speed ahead and that's a big help for us. Everyone knows what they're doing. That helps us get lined up and get plays off.

Do you feel like being able to come in for spring practice was a big advantage for you?
It's a huge advantage. Just getting to know the offense, the little things you have to do. It really comes down to minute details because everyone at this level can run and catch and do all the little things.

You had a huge spring game. Did you expect to have that kind of success so early?
I came in with a humble attitude. I really didn't know what to expect but I have confidence in my ability. I feel like I can really play with anybody at this level.

I've heard you're a workaholic. Do you put in much time working outside of what the team does on the field?
Oh yeah, for sure. I'm putting in tons of hours just working on my hands, watching film, picking apart opponents. I've been doing that all summer and it's just something that was instilled in me since I was young.

Is there anyone in the wide receiver group that you look up to or who has helped to show you the ropes?
I really look at (Bryan) Underwood because he has experience, he's been here for a long time and he really took me under his wing when I got here. He really helped me learn the offense. He would come over to my apartment when I needed help at night and that was a huge help for me.

Do you feel like you and Jacoby (Brissett) have developed any chemistry over summer workouts?
Me and Jacoby have been working on our chemistry since the spring. I have a really good relationship with him, and it's a lot of fun. I know I trust him and he trusts me so that makes for good football.

Last year was a tough one for State. Is the team using that as motivation for 2014?
Last year is the past and this is a new year and we're not focused on last year. We're focused on this year and I feel like we have a really good football team and we're really looking forward to the season.

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