AUDIO: Doeren Looking For Efficiency

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Wednesday's practice.

Dave Doeren

"When we were making decisions on depth charts Jarvis wasn't hurt at the time."

"Josh wasn't ready mentally. Physically he could have played but mentally... we had a long talk about it, playing on a couple of special teams and maybe playing on defense."

"We just felt like developing and maturing was better for him."

"When you're playing safety on the scout team it's pretty boring. You just kind of backpedal a little bit back there because you're not allowed to hit the receivers."

"Two of [the safeties] have to be really good space players. Our field and nickel position, our field safety where Josh is, are guys that play a lot of man-to-man."

"You got to have that hybrid guy that when you watch film, can he cover, can he tackle, is he aggressive?"

"I look at the safety position as a guy who shouldn't be setting the tone. It's called a safety because he's the safety valve of your defense. If he's making all the plays you're probably not playing really well."

"When they screw up somebody's band is playing. You need to make sure they are doing their job."

"Consistent, very consistent. [JuMichael Ramos] was really hot and cold last year and most true freshmen are. He knows what the tempo is."

"He went through a fall where he grew up a little bit and went through a spring where he struggled so now he's been through some adversity. He's been very consistent."

"Disruption and depth [from the defensive line]. We need to rotate so we're fresh and we need that disruption."

"When you're last in the league in sacks you're going to be bad in rushing too. Those numbers come off your rushing stats. The first thing we have to do is control the tackles for a loss and sacks."

"We want to be very efficient on first and 10. We want to average 2 yards after contact at that position and get ourselves in some manageable second and third-down situations."

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