Grimwade Recaps Wolfpack Visit

Miami (FL) Gulliver Prep offensive lineman George Grimwade talks with Pack Pride about his recent visit to NC State.

Miami (FL) Gulliver Prep offensive lineman George Grimwade visited NC State last month and one of the offensive linemen already in the program gave him a review that he found trustworthy.
"There’s what coaches tell you and there’s what players tell you," said Grimwade. "Coaches have a job to do and recruiting is part of it. At the same time players like to get an honest assessment from their counterparts on what they can expect at a particular school."
One of the Wolfpack’s linemen likes his experience under Dave Doeren’s coaching staff and he let Grimwade know about it when he visited.
“It was a great visit because I got to talk to some of the players and see how they feel. They give the best advice because they’re the ones playing there. They’re the ones in my shoes. I talked to an incoming freshman. His name was Tony Adams. I talked to him for about 10 minutes just about college life, all that, and the whole process. Everything. It seems like he really enjoys it. I talked to him at the camp and he helped me out a little bit.”
Grimwade (6-7, 270 pounds) was at NC State in July for an invite-only camp.

That trip was part of a busy time of the month for Grimwade. He was on a college tour visiting a lot of other schools but he still managed to get to NC State a day early. With that extra day he was able to walk around the campus and see what the school is like before camping.
“I did fairly well. Coach Uremovich said he’s going to try to come down when they play in Florida. He’s going to come down and watch me, and based on how I play it could be an offer. I thought the school was great.”
NC State, Rutgers, UConn and Vanderbilt are the four schools that Grimwade is thinking about the most and he said he will probably end up selecting one of those four colleges. He is also talking to coaches from Samford, Northern Colorado and Fordham but he seems to have his heart set on playing college football at the highest level possible.
Grimwade said he was impressed with the facilities at UConn and especially their indoor stadium. He thinks their new coaching staff is hungry to win.
When describing his views on Vanderbilt he was excited and said he spent 8 ½ hours checking out every nook and cranny of the campus while watching practice.

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