RALEIGH, N.C. -- Freshman defensive tackle B.J. Hill talks about his progression over the last seven months and the upcoming season.

Defensive tackle B.J. Hill got a head start on the other NC State freshmen by enrolling last January. Those six months clearly made a difference as Hill has gone from 260 to 300 pounds and is now challenging for a spot on the Pack's two-deep at defensive tackle.

Pack Pride talked with him recently about how he's progressed thus far.

You obviously gained a lot of weight since the last time I saw you. What was going on during the off season?
I had to gain a lot of weight, get bigger, faster so I can play at the next level.

What did the off season consist of to help you add so much size?
It was just eating, working out and just doing what they told me to do.

Did you feel like you needed to get bigger if you're were going to challenge some of these other guys for playing time?
Yes sir. I came in at 260 and now I'm at 300 so I had to gain weight to play the position I'm at.

Early on you've spent some time lined up with some of the upperclassmen. It had to make you feel pretty good that you were able to come out and get some reps with the 1's.
Oh yeah, it was pretty fun coming out with the 1's and competing for a position and a spot on the team.

There's a lot of depth on the defensive line. What kind of competition does that create?
It makes us all better. One day you can change positions if you don't work as hard because there's another guy that's working just as hard to get your slot.

How do you feel you've progressed from say, a year ago.
I think I'm definitely better because I've learned the plays and I came in the spring so that helped a lot. Just by getting bigger, stronger and faster, I think I'm a lot better.

Are your expectations to play this year?
That's my goal. Whatever the coaches say, that's what I'm going to do but I'm not sure yet.

Have any of the guys taken you under their wing to help bring you along?
Yes sir. Those guys have helped a lot since the spring when I came in. They just took me under like I'm their kid or something. They helped me learn the plays and how we run the defense and stuff like that.

Name a couple of guys that impress you.
Monty Nelson and Thomas Teal. They've been here for a while and I've seen them play and they're incredible. They give it all.

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