Doeren: "We Have To Stay Healthy"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the second scrimmage of fall camp.

Dave Doeren

"We have good depth at receiver, running back and tight end. But the offensive line, inside better than outside probably. We have to stay healthy, but again, we didn't last year."

"At receiver, just making the plays they are capable of making. We have to be an opportunistic football team."

"We didn't do that today. We dropped the ball ten times."

"A lot of it is what I just said. You have guys open on second down and you get sacked or don't complete the pass. Just execution... throw, block, catch and run. Just basic football."

"We have to do it better. That's how you score points, you execute."

"They respect [Brissett] because he works so hard and football is important to him. He's one of those guys that says what he means and means what he says, and acts."

"He's skilled so they know that if they follow him and they do what he's telling them to do, then they can win."

"There were a lot fewer penalties... we had a couple of offsides penalties. Defensively there was one penalty at corner lining up in the neutral zone playing press."

"I kind of feel like in most springs and fall camps that the defense should be ahead. They see the same opponent every day and they know the play before they come a lot of the time."

"The difficult part for the offense is we aren't tackling, and we have running backs that are really good backs who aren't able to finish runs right now... that part of the drive makes it a little tough on the offense."

"When you have two guys that are equal you say you're going to have a competition, and I didn't feel like we had that."

"I recruited him at Wisconsin for four years... we had an opportunity... I felt the need to go find a proven quarterback."

"There wasn't much risk... I've known Jacoby for four years, so it was an easy thing to want to do."

"We'll move the ball in practice on Monday... this was the last full-blown, 150-play thing that we'll do."

"We're going to rotate a lot of guys early to see what's going to happen. There are some freshmen that are going to play. A lot of them are."

"I like our starting five quite bit. I like the competition we have with Alex Barr and Tyson at right tackle. Those two guys are competing with each other right now and that's helped us."

"Tony Adams, Joe Thuney, and Quinton Schooley inside, we have three tough, mobile guys inside right now."

"We need to get Bryce Kennedy along a little bit, with him and Cole Blankenship I think can give us good depth at the guard positions."

"He could play center or guard but he'll start at right guard for us."

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