Brissett Discusses Second Scrimmage

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior quarterback Jacoby Brissett discusses today's scrimmage.

Jacoby Brissett

"We were a little slow coming out but we picked it up toward the end."

"The defense played well today. There are just some little things here and there that we need to fix before two Saturday's from now."

"We were inside the stadium so it's ultimate lock-in mode. No coach is on the field so it's just us. It's a different feel."

"It's been great. [Bra'lon Cherry] has been making plays since day one."

"It's a collective effort of just making plays and for the most part executing better and being more efficient on first down, third down, and in the redzone."

"It's never that case. You can't say I have to do this... it's really just us executing better. I feel like that's what we'll do this year."

"I just have to be a great leader and be able to help extend plays and make plays... just be the same person every time."

"Every time we put in a new concept we'll go back to when they previously ran it."

"Just understanding that you had the crowd all around you."

"I don't think about it at all. None of that really matters but what's on the field."

"We have some playmakers here too. We'll be alright."

"Just to be around them, it's execute. They are fun people. They don't get a lot of credit for some of the things they do."

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