Ramos: "We're A Family"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- One of the players that showed the most promise as a true freshman last season was Wolfpack wide receiver JuMichael Ramos.

With the season only a week away, JuMichael Ramos sees great promise and potential for the Wolfpack this 2014 season. Now that fall camp is in session, Ramos believes camp has been beneficial for both himself and the rest of the team.

"Honestly, it’s really been great. I feel like we’re a whole different team. We’re more conditioned. We’re playing as brothers now. We care for one another.

"As I can say for the receiving core, we’re just really making the big plays that need to be made. We just root for whoever is on the field, no matter who starts or who doesn’t. We wanna get on the field where everybody’s making plays. Everybody’s playing great right now."

As many freshmen encounter in their first year, Ramos experienced ups and downs of being successful throughout last season. Coach Doeren commented on noticing those struggles through last season, as well as some throughout the spring, but stated that Ramos has had a very consistent fall.

For Ramos, the adversity of the past year has motivated and prepared him to come into the fall with a new perspective on his game.

“I just had to make sure I calmed down, took things slow, tried not to force plays trying make the big play,"he said. "I just needed to go with the flow and just work hard at my end. If I work hard at my end, then the ball will be there, or the play will be there, or I’ll be in the right position to make the play.

So I just had to take things slow and let it come to me, not try to force a big play or anything like that. Right now, I’m doing what I need to do and I’m playing great right now."

While Ramos showed some flashes with big plays last year, he believes that is something he want to be more consistent on moving forward. He also believes his team goals are just as significant as his own personal goals.

"My goals and our receiver goals are making as many big plays as we can every game, consistently. Not having ups and downs as a receiving core, going out and making plays like blocking for a touchdown run or catching the ball at a high point in the endzone. We’re just making sure we make those certain things, and everything else will just fall in line."

With a new quarterback under center moving into the 2014 football season for the Wolfpack, Jumichael Ramos notices distinguishable qualities in quarterback Jacoby Brissett. What are these qualities that make Brissett a great quarterback to Ramos?

"Accuracy, good balls, leadership, wanting to work hard and wanting to stay after practice to throw types of routes that we might struggle with during practice. He just has that really have that ‘one more’ in him. He won’t accept nothing less than hard work, and that’s what we need at quarterback."

While having only spent one season with the NC State Wolfpack, Jumichael Ramos has noticed how talented the incoming freshmen are early in camps. Two freshman receivers, in particular, have made a positive impression on Ramos.

"I’ll just say for my guys, Bo [Hines] and Stephen [Lewis]," he stated. "Those guys came in, not knowing anything, but they came in early and put in the extra work. They stayed late after practice when they didn’t know the playbook and wanted to know the plays, not taking things slow, and not be considered a freshman.

"They’re considered upperclassmen right now because they’re doing everything we’re asking them to do. They just have to do a little bit more just because they haven’t played the game yet. They don’t really know the experience on college game day, but they really came in ready to work. They’re doing a great job right now."

Looking at this team now in comparison at this time last year, Ramos believes there is a much more confidence in him and the rest of the Wolfpack to have a great season this year. Ramos explained his reasoning about what gave him his confidence in this team’s potential for the upcoming season.

"We’re a family," he said. "Last year, we didn’t really know each other. I don’t know if our chemistry was there, but right now we’re very close. Really, everybody on the team are brothers. We know each other, we hang out together, and we’re just doing everything as a team.

"I feel like our chemistry is way better, so when we’re playing man-tight left or right, we that the other guy is going to do his job. I just feel like our chemistry and our mind is way better."

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