King Recruiting For The Pack

NC State quarterback commitment Austin King has been doing his part to add to the class of 2015.

Austin King was in midseason form as Alpharetta (GA) steamrolled MLK’s varsity team in a preseason game on August 15th.
Avoiding injuries while getting some positive work done is always a focus of the preseason whether its high school football or the NFL. The NCSU quarterback commitment played nearly two quarters and showed off the improvement that others around him and the Pack’s coaches had already known about.
While the varsity team was playing Alpharetta jumped out to a 23-0 lead over Martin Luther King High School. It was their first game together as a team this year so the big win was promising and has expectations even higher than before.
For his part King passed for 180 yards and two touchdowns. In split duty last season King passed for 17 TD’s and 7 INT’s with more than 2,000 yards in nine games. Since he’s the main quarterback this year King should better those numbers from 2013 by a lot.
Alpharetta kept the play calls conservative so their first regular season opponent wouldn’t see much of what will be thrown at them in the opener but they did let King pass the ball more than he thought they would.
“We were getting a lot of 1 on 1 coverage and man to man. Nothing too fancy but we threw slants here and there. There were some screens. We didn’t really want to throw anything too much out there so we kept it simple. I was pretty efficient. I was about 70% that night. I didn’t really throw much. I wasn’t in there long but I thought I had a good night,” said King.

King's first regular season game didn't go as well with Alpharetta losing to rival Milton 17-10. King finished the game 17 of 30 for 235 yards with no touchdowns and three interceptions.
Alpharetta football takes first place in King’s life besides academics but the future Wolfpack quarterback said he will visit NC State for the Florida State game and maybe for the Georgia Tech game. He has to examine his bye week to find out what else he might do. King said his official visit like most others will come after the season.
King is already showing strong leadership with his future Wolfpack teammates. They have a group text message up and running that stays updated and has allowed everyone to get to know each other and feel comfortable talking in an informal way.
Besides that King is in the ear of some recruits that NCSU would love to finish their class with.
“There’s McGirt, Nyheim Hines, Bryce Love, Marcus Marshall and I’m on all those guys.  I’m on all of them. I hit them up on Twitter or whatever. You’ve got to make sure they know that with me being the leader of this class I’ve got to establish some respect. I tell them how I want things and how I feel I want things to be. How I want this class to be. I talk to them about high expectations and how Coach Doeren has high expectations. I talk about how we need to get better players. The way to do that is to get on those guys maybe once or twice a week or maybe three times a week. I tell them we’re trying to build up a great program with great coaches. And I tell them it’s a great spot.
“Most of the guys they’re recruiting are in state guys so they know how it goes. They know how NC State is and they know the coaches. It’s just a matter of maybe going to see the other schools out of state and getting a feel for those schools.” 

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