PC: Crisp, Jones Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Rob Crisp and Hakim Jones discuss the upcoming game against Old Dominion.

Rob Crisp

"We're always happy with the win."

"In terms of the offense, there were some situations where we could have been better."

"We protected Jacoby and had zero tackles for a loss. At the end of the day, that's what we want to do."

"That was the best fourth quarter I've experienced at State."

"We really didn't know what they were going to come out with, having a new coaching staff."

"We prepared ourselves for a lot of defensive schemes... honestly we didn't know what their primary defense was going to be."

"We went into halftime and made the proper adjustments."

"On the offensive line, we saw that throughout the game... we could see that they were dropping off one-by-one."

"That's not right. That was probably the first month of the summer. I'm about 300 pounds now."

"Jacoby hasn't played a game in about two years and we were talking yesterday about how nervous we were... haven't played in quite some time."

"He knows how to play it well and that's exactly what he did in the second half."

"It was very emotional, being that I had to go through adversity the past two years... just being chosen by my team and coaches to be a captain, it's awesome."

Hakim Jones

"I feel like we'll have time to prepare."

"The attention doesn't matter."

"That's how football is, that's how the game is."

"Jacoby is the type of personality who will congratulate his defense as well."

"It was more of a situation where one guy would over-run a gap or miss a tackle on the play."

"It was nothing too serious."

"We had a lot of confidence at halftime... they were plays we knew how to stop. They weren't running anything too difficult to defend."

"It's a big boost."

"We practice for situations like that... being down, being up so we know how to respond in adverse situations."

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