Locker Room Report: Dave Doeren

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the win over ODU.

Dave Doeren

"I just want to say Thank You to the fans for supporting the team tonight the way they did."

"Another great comeback win. Every time you play you never know what's going to go down."

"Their offense has averaged 42 points a game for five years. We knew we were going to have a challenge."

"I know our tackling can be better. That's an area that will improve and has to improve."

"I'm proud of the way our offense physically finished rushing the football in the fourth quarter."

"I think we had 242 yards rushing as a team and 253 in the air."

"That's big, a big part of winning a game like that."

"I'm proud of our guys for their resiliency."

"We look forward to getting ready for our first road trip."

"We only got five possessions in the first. We couldn't get off the field in the first half."

"We played better defense in the second half... not great, but better."

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