Phillips Enrolling Early

Pelion (SC) defensive back Freddie Phillips talks about his decision to enroll early at NC State.

Freddie Phillips’ first decision was to attend NC State. His second decision was to attend the school earlier than originally anticipated.
Phillips might tell you that both decisions were easy but he didn’t come to either without some serious thought and deliberation. He announced last week that he would be arriving at NC State in January instead of in June and he understood and articulated the stakes when he was asked what went into that choice.
“I do plan on enrolling early. Everything is squared away. I got the confirmation from the athletics director himself last Saturday. I’m definitely excited. I can’t wait to get there so I can be with the guys in the spring to get that extra work in. I know other guys have done it and its helped them.”
The proof was in the picture that Phillips released a little over a week ago. He was signing his scholarship papers with the Wolfpack as Pack Pride reported last Monday.
Phillips was at NC State’s 24-23 win over Georgia Southern. It was his second game at State. The first was the program’s game against Central Michigan last year. Even though the Pack has lost more than they have won over the past year-plus, Phillips’ watch record from the stands stands at 2-0.
The two-way standout from Pelion (SC) did think NC State would beat GSU more soundly but he’s just glad they got the win.
“I’m glad the guys stayed with it and believed they could win. It’s like coach said. In past years guys would have been down about being down and they might have given up. The guys had faith they’d pull off the win and in the fourth quarter they did it. A win is a win to me.”
The close game also made it clear that NC State isn’t where they need to ultimately be at when it comes to filling the roster with talent. That’s one thing that Phillips took away at least.
“At the safety position I’m projected to come in at, I definitely see a need there.”
The most impressive part of the game to Phillips was the fan showing. He thinks they helped will the team to the win.
“The fans at NC State are always into it no matter what. Even though it was a closer game than people thought it would be. At halftime with them having to come back a lot of the fans came back. The fans love their team. I like that about them.”
For those many fans that stuck around they were given an exciting and satisfying finish. In the locker room after the game Phillips enjoyed seeing the celebration from the players and coaches alike. He couldn’t help but feel like he was a part of the moment too.
One reason for that is the coaches have made him feel like a part of the family already.
“They were glad me and the family made it up and they were glad to see me. Not that long ago I had been up there but they were talking about guys they really need and they need me up there.”
Phillips missed his high school team’s first game this year with a sprained ankle. That was two weeks ago. He would have played last week but Pelion did not have a game. He will be ready for their second game this weekend.

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