PC: Browne, Norman Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Benson Browne and Art Norman met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against South Florida.

Benson Browne

"A great gameplan we had coming into the week.”

“We just have that feeling that when we take the field we can be productive running the football."

“Our running backs are all dynamic.”

"Over the summer and in the spring the offense became more of a family. Now that we play more for each other, more for everyone around us, that's what has led to our success on the ground this year."

"That was a major area of concern coming into fall camp... we really focused on [the redzone].”

“We make a big point of it in practice... the coaches put an emphasis on that.”

"We have to get started early and that starts today, getting the gameplan from the coaches."

"We have to start the week with a good Tuesday practice and follow it up on Wednesday."

"A big thing going into South Florida is we have to do a really good job with our hydration plan."

Art Norman

"It's a lot you can take away from it. We did okay I would say as far as playing the run in the first game and not so good in the second game."

"It all starts with us on the d-line. We just have to control the line of scrimmage from there."

"We haven't really watched film on them so today is the first day to gameplan."

"The height and the size, that's what he attributes the most, his size, long arms. I think at first he was going to come in as a pass defender but he's been playing really well. Coach put him in on some run plays and he did good."

"It's more leadership I'd say and a different mindset than before."

"Last year it was all new to us, the new staff, we just kind of let them have it."

"As long as I've been here I've seen a trend with Tuesday practices... hopefully it will transfer to Saturday."

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