Doeren: "It's A Great Challenge"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against South Florida.

Dave Doeren

"Excited to be 2-0 with the first two games behind us and to have the record that we do."

"There's not that many people who are 2-0 right now. We saw a lot of things, good and bad, the past two weeks."

"On first down we averaged 6.6 yards on offense and we were 3-of-3 in short-yardage."

"We didn't tackle well. I'm disappointed about it. Because we tackled so well in week 1 I was surprised to see that."

"They are a prideful group. I know they will bounce back. We need to."

"Most of their pass plays were with run-block schemes."

"The free safety position, there was some good and bad."

"Dre had probably his best game and Josh Jones was better."

"Defensively we didn't play the way we were capable of playing but still found a way to stop them there at the end."

"The big thing on defense is to tackle better and play in their backfield more. I feel like we didn't have enough tackles for a loss. With the players we have up front we have to play better."

"I'm excited to go play on the road with this football team."

"They have a great tailback in Marlon Mack."

"They have a good receiver, Davis, he didn't play last week. He was their team MVP last year."

"They are going to be physical on offense."

"Defensively they've forced nine turnovers in two weeks. That might be the best in the country."

"We haven't played well on the road. That's one thing I'm geared up to change."

"I think we beat ourselves at home and on the road last year."

"Maryland turned it over six times on Saturday and won down there, which is a miracle."

"We had no turnovers and one penalty. You're going to be in every game if you play like that. We have to play like that on the road."

"It's a great challenge for us this week."

"Anytime you play a spread team, when you tackle well you play well on defense."

"We need to see [results] this week."

"His poise. He stays in the zone. In the spring you saw him get out of it and now he's doing what he's coached. He's reading pre-snap coverages."

"The kid that's playing, Bench. We know him. He's an athletic guy... he took a visit here."

"He's a good athlete with a strong arm. Being at Penn State and being there now."

"I wouldn't think the other kid plays. From what I understand he broke his arm."

"For us it's more about focusing on what we can control."

"We have some great leadership right now, just keeping the guys where they need to be mentally."

"We knew that spread teams would be up his alley. He's very athletic and a great pass rusher. He's the one guy that consistently got off blocks Saturday."

"Tackling is a big part."

"In game one we forced four fumbles. I thought .

"It's their biggest challenge so far."

"I think South Florida's front is very good. There is a lot of pressure and movement from their front."

"There's a chart that tells you what to do. I'm not smarter than the chart. There's a mathematical wizard who put that together."

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