Morehead Does It All

Wolfpack commit Jarius Morehead has been a do-it-all athlete for his Eastern Guilford squad. Pack Pride checks in to see how his senior season is progressing.

Need someone to take snaps? Log carries? Catch passes? Jarius Morehead can do all that.
He’s part quarterback, part running back, part receiver. That’s just on offense. When Eastern Guilford punts or after they score you’re likely to see him at outside linebacker or maybe roaming the secondary as a safety.
Nothing is surprising when it comes to what Morehead does on the field. He can play anywhere other than the offensive or defensive lines and his high school coaches don’t seem to have a problem putting him wherever they need him.
Morehead’s most important duty this year has been at quarterback. Eastern Guilford spreads out their opponents and keeps their QB in the Shotgun formation for most of the game. Because there’s another quarterback on the team that’s competent Morehead is able to spread out to receiver or move into the backfield to running back to throw a wrinkle at what they’re showing to the other team.
It’s working especially well over the past two weeks. After a 42-7 loss to rival Southern Guilford in the first game of the season the troops rallied and have reversed that outcome in two blowout wins over West Montgomery and Eastern Randolph. Morehead (#17 for Eastern Guilford) has had a hand in those wins.
NC State wants Morehead to play free safety and because he’s played the position before that’s a plan he’s okay with. He won’t be enrolling early. Many of the Pack’s commits will.
“I just want to stay around for my last semester,” he says.
Morehead doesn’t know many of NC State’s other commitments but he said everyone plans on meeting up at the game against Florida State. That weekend will be the time when the class comes together, puts faces to names, and starts to break the ice.
He hasn’t been to any games this year yet but Morehead was at the games against North Carolina and Clemson last year. Morehead is happy with what he sees as major improvements from the struggles of last year.
“They’ve been playing great. You can tell it’s a lot better than last year. They’re finally clicking as a team and coming together so that’s good. I’ve been talking to Coach White every other day and I talked to him yesterday. I talked to Coach Doeren last night. They’re excited about what’s going on. They tell me good luck on Fridays and try to get me to come down there to visit and watch the games.”
A coach from Western Carolina reached out to Morehead not long ago and introduced himself as a relative of one of the coaches at NC State. Morehead said he wasn’t trying to recruit him, only to get to know him. He did mention he was interested in one of his teammates. That’s been the extent of his contact with other schools over the past several weeks with everyone else seeming to realize that his commitment to State is unbreakable. 

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