PC: Brissett, Rose Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Jacoby Brissett and Mike Rose discuss the upcoming game against Florida State with the media.

Jacoby Brissett

"It's another opportunity to get better. It's our first ACC game."

"It's the truth. We're just ready to play."

"It's enough hype and excitement to the game."

"It doesn't take that much to get us going for this one."

"I feel like, I'm getting better each week and that's a compliment to coach Canada and the players around me. We're translating what we're doing in practice to the field and it's showing in the game."

"We'd like to be better, as with any team, but they'll be the best team we've played so far. I feel like we're the best team they've played so far. We're playing really well right now."

"The offensive line is doing a really good job of protecting me."

"I just can't wait until Saturday."

"I feel like we have the playmakers to play with any team."

"I have to play faster, but it will all play itself out when the game gets going."

"After that it should be fine. We just have to play the game out and be ready for whatever."

"It's been working great for us. Just getting it on film with teams having to prepare for that... three different quarterbacks at Wildcat, it's hard to gameplan for that."

"You don't know what plays we have for each person or how each person plays that role."

"I have to talk to coach Canada to get me more respect out there... throw it out to me."

"He's been great. He's everything you can ask for in a back, and I feel like the other two backs help him and compliment him to where he can showcase his talent a little bit differently. He's been great this whole year."

Mike Rose

"Against Florida State it got ugly really quick."

"I felt like we were in a situation where we started panicking."

"This is a different team this year."

"It was great. I enjoyed every bit of it. It's good to beat any team... it's great to beat a team that people don't think you can beat."

"We're coming into this game as the underdogs."

"Florida State is different... especially last week it showed how important Jameis was to their offense."

"At the end of the day you say it's just another game, but this is a big game for us as a program."

"We have the offense going and our defense looks much better than it did last year."

"Now we have to show the world that we can play with the Florida State's of the world."

"The mindset is the same, but the preparation is different. You have players who in their mind believe they can win."

"As long as they have the right mindset... they want to win, just like anybody else does."

"We've been stopping the run. That was the big problem for us last year."

"Every game is winnable. They put on their pads just like we put on our pads. We have to go out and execute our game."

"I think we have an offense that score points, a defense that can stop anybody as long as we put our mind to it and execute our fundamentals."

"I feel like we're just as good as any team in the nation."

"Always... NC State has been known to knock big teams off occasionally. We're trying to get rid of the underdog thing to where we're the big dog and everyone else is the underdog."

"It's going to be decided up front."

"I feel like [Coach Doeren] is going to make this team great."

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