Locker Room Report: Dave Doeren

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the loss to Florida State.

Dave Doeren

"We've got a bunch of guys that are spent. They played really hard, didn't make enough plays in the second half and they did. They played their hearts out."

"A lot of things, obviously we've got to do better a team like that. We didn't tackle well in the second half at times. There was some unbelievable holding going on by their offensive line that apparently is invisible."

"We didn't do enough. I thought our guys played so hard. I am so proud of them and thankful to the fans. It was an unbelievable environment. I love our students and our fans. Please keep doing that because that was a special evening for our players and our recruiting efforts. We really appreciate it."

"I am proud of Jacoby Brissett. I thought he played his heart out. He made some tremendous football plays out there."

"They have won 20 games in a row for a reason--because they are a good football team. You have got to be so opportunistic against a team like that. We had a couple throws [Winston] made where we were right there and it went through our hands and they made the play. That is what I told them, we have got to make every single opportunistic play that we can to win and we didn't."

"It was a great effort by a bunch of young guys--and I am proud of them--but we have got to get up off the canvas and play Clemson at Clemson. We don't get to sulk and be upset. It is going to hurt tonight. Tomorrow we have got to get back to work."

"Last year against our defense he did a lot of stuff like that. The only guy I have ever seen do that was Manziel last year and he did that stuff all the time. That is what it reminded me of. I don't know how he got out of that."

"I told them the reason you had them on the ropes is because you invested so much, you really practiced well. They were into the game plan. They knew what they were supposed to do and we didn't always execute obviously but the way they invested as a football team put them in a position to win against a very good football team. That's the biggest learning thing we can get out of that. If we put a lot in, we will get a lot back."

"The tempo we had was working until they had all the crazy falldown-things were going on. The clock kept stopping and the refs can't do anything about that but it is horrible the way the tempo gets slowed down by these injuries. We went fast in the first quarter."

"I am very pleased. It shows the growth. Last year we were not in a position to even be relevant in that game. This year we are very relevant."

"They are going to limp on to that plane and they won. Good for them, they beat us. But it was a physical football game and we ran the ball well. We played hard but just didn't make enough plays at the end."

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