PC: Fernandez, Thornton Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Jerod Fernandez and Shadrach Thornton met with the media to discuss the game against Clemson.

Jerod Fernandez

"We could probably improve the most on tackling and everybody just getting to the ball. We had a lot of missed tackles and mental errors."

"I feel like we had just got beat down and had been out there for a lot of snaps. The first half we held them to something like 16 yards rushing. We played sound football. In the second half we kind of took a step back and didn't keep our foot on the pedal."

"I feel like I've improved a lot. My first game against Georgia Southern I was kind of jittery. As time went on, I've felt myself progress. I'm moving faster than I was at the beginning of the season. I feel like I've improved a lot since the first game."

I can move sideline-to-sideline if need be. Florida State has a great offense--probably the best offense we will face all year. I feel like having played against them we can play against anybody."

"We don't really focus on individual stats. We focus on what we do as a team. If the offense goes out and plays good, we have got to go out and play."

Shadrach Thornton

"I think my big thing is pretty much to step up to the challenge. I understand that you have great players in the ACC and if you want to get anywhere in life, be the best in anything, you have to bring your A-game against the best competition."

"I being trying to do better and be more consistent in my play, whether it is Florida State or Presbyterian. I've been trying to bring my A-game, whoever the opponent is."

"I'm used to being a workhorse. I think the biggest adjustment for me was sharing the load amongst the three backs because we all have different talents in different areas. We're all good at different things. As far as carrying the load, it was no pressure. It is something I'm used to."

"Jacoby, he is an outstanding quarterback. Everything you saw on Saturday, we see everyday in practice. We had no doubt in our minds that he'd do that. I was just proud to see him go out there and compete. The big talk of the week was Jameis is back from being suspended but [Brissett] just put his helmet on and played ball."

"Don't get us wrong, Death Valley is obviously a hard place to go and play but we have faith in our system and our coaches to create a good game plan for us to execute plays and be on top of our game."

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