AUDIO: Doeren Eager To Play At Clemson

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Clemson.

Dave Doeren

"A hard fought game. Watching the film, it's tough because there are a lot of plays in all three phases where you feel like you could have done this or that... to win a game like that."

"We're better than we were, but we're not as good as we can be. We're definitely better than we were, we have improved, but we're not nearly as good as we need to be."

"It was hard-fought. Our team believed we could win that football game."

"We just need to make more key plays at key moments... when you see how many points they scored, you want to point to that side of the ball, but when you watch the film there's plays in all three phases."

"We got in the red zone four times on turnovers that we created and we got two touchdowns and two field goals."

"Red zone production on both sides of the football and third down production were the keys to the game."

"We took their tight end out of the game, who is a really good player."

"We came out of the game fairly healthy, and that's a positive. Looking forward to moving on to another great opponent with Clemson, at Clemson in a hostile environment."

"Defensively they are really playing hard. They are athletic, long with quick-twitch defensive ends. They'll present a lot of issues."

"I'm excited to go play in that environment."

"It's just another week for us to try to knock somebody off and see where we stand against a really good football team."

"They made a switch to Deshaun at quarterback and the guy is really playing well."

"They do some things with tempo that you have to be ready for with your defense."

"Clemson has two losses but they were against two great teams."

"That game could have easily gone their way. We're playing a really good team that could have very well been undefeated."

"Guys played hard, played fast. We were disruptive on defense in that game. We had a lot of tackles in the backfield in that game. We forced turnovers in that game."

"There were some big plays that didn't go our way."

"You have to have big plays that go your way in big games like that, and it didn't go our way last year. I tell our players all the time, sometimes the bounces go your way and sometimes they don't."

"I'm just excited to go play them. We lost an emotional game and our guys will have a taste in their mouth to get back on the football field."

"He's a lot like Tajh Boyd. Tajh was a guy that can throw it down the field and run."

"They have a lot of different ways to run power and counter... similar things that we saw in the Presbyterian game."

"Guys just have to be locked in with what we look at."

"It helps. We believe we can beat anybody and that game validated that if we play well we can, but it also validated we have to play well the whole game."

"You have to get off the field on third down on defense and you have to stay on the field on third down."

"I've said all along, it's more about us than who we play. If we do what we're coached to do at the level of passion I'm asking these guys to play with it doesn't matter who we're playing, we can beat anybody."

"We just have to execute for four quarters against a great team and get their crowd out of it."

"[Thornton's] a competitive guy... he's very strong, he's taken good care of himself. He's competitive."

"These guys expect to play as good as they are capable of playing and that's what helps us, when the really good players do that."

"There were some effort plays we saw from Shad and Jacob..."

"[Brissett] left it all on the field. I was proud of him for that."

"In all five games we've had multiple people fall down and limp off the field and two plays later they are back in there playing."

"It's a reoccurring thing. It's not just Florida State. There's nothing the official can do about it. There is not a rule in college football."

"I think it's unsportsmanlike, personally. I just wish there was a rule that if a guy left he had to stay out for more than one play if he leaves for an injury."

"One of the plays the guy walked off the field as slow as humanly possible and then he was right back in the game."

"For all of the tempo offenses in college football, it's not just here. You turn on any game and you're going to see it. It's just the way defenses are managing tempo I guess."

"I'm not a fan of it."

"We're scoring because we're throwing, catching, and blocking."

"You have to earn your playing time. If Fris feels like certain guys are hot and we want to play them, I get it."

"What we were doing, how skilled their receivers were and they had No. 80 in the slot a lot... it had nothing to do with Jarvis' knee. You'll see him play this week."

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