Locker Room Report: Dave Doeren

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following the loss to Clemson.

Dave Doeren

"We played a really good team. They came out ready to play and we didn't. We just didn't execute. They ran a lot of the same plays we thought they were going to run, threw the ball over our head."

"We couldn't protect our quarterback today. There were times when guys were open and he couldn't see them. They did a really nice job today with their pass rush and they played tight, man-to-man coverage."

"Our players didn't play as they needed to and obviously it's my job to get them ready so it's on me to prepare them better. We had the crowd noise everyday in practice. I thought we had them prepared. We didn't."

"I think Florida State just did that (beat State 'twice'). I don't know. I've got to look at it and talk to some players. Clemson did a nice job today. My hat is off to them. We didn't. So we get ready for Boston College."

"(Clemson's defensive line) is impressive. They have really good DBs, so they can give them time to get there. They've got a good defense."

"Third downs in the first half on both sides of the ball were just killing us. We could never get any momentum. I think all offenses are the same. If you can get a first down you can get some rhythm. We could just never get a first down."

"They are mad. We know were better than than that. We didn't show it. They took it from us today. They are all disappointed like they should be."

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