PC: Creecy, Noel Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tony Creecy and Rodman Noel discuss the upcoming game against Boston College with the media.

Tony Creecy

"There is no trying to regroup; we have to regroup."

"We have got to come out Tuesday with a lot of energy. We have got to believe in the game plan more and we have to execute. It is as simple as that."

"I was actually very surprised. We knew that they were a good defense. We practiced that all week. We knew that they were going to be good and we knew that they were going to be stout up front. I think we ran the ball well. I think we got away from it a little early. When you get down like that, you have to. They made us one-dimensional and just started teeing off on us."

"After a day like that, you can't even watch the full game. We just picked our plays we did good in and plays we could have done better in. That is what we did for 30-to-45 minutes and for the rest of the time we watched tape on Boston College."

"I seen a few of the guys, not just the younger guys but some of the older guys, they had a look like deer in headlights. What I do is I just block that out because any atmosphere you go to they are always going to be against you if you are not at home so I just block it out."

"Since I have been here, [Boston College] has always had a stout defensive front and offensive front so we definitely have to play more physical than we did last week. We are going to have to get some movement on the line and play better football."

"Being that it is your last year, from game one you have that sense of urgency. Not even because I am a senior, even before this. I have never wanted to play for myself, it has always been a team sport so even for the other teams. When I was a freshman and I was on the scout team it was about getting them prepared for the 12-game season. The sense of urgency hasn't changed. I want to get it done right now."

Rodman Noel

"We go back to watch film... mistakes, assignments that we need to fix. We have to learn from our mistakes and be able to move on to play our next game."

"I think it's more on us that teams have been able to convert on third down. We have to make plays, it's more tackling than anything."

"Players have to make plays."

"We just have to come back to practice this week really focused and take our gameplan into the game, execute it."

"Every game is like that. Boston College is physical and we're physical too. It's going to be smash-mouth football, just like you said, and we'll be ready for it."

"We have some disappointed guys, but I think we'll be able to bounce back. We have some good leadership, older guys who are very experienced."

"Quarterbacks that are mobile can put stress on any defense. We have to play assignment football, and it's on us to make the plays when it's needed."

"We just have to come ready to play, that's all. We need to have the mindset that we can play with them physically, mentally, and everything else will take care of itself."

"Tackling more of a 'want-to.' We focus on tackling everyday. We work on it everyday. It is just that when we get out there, you just got to want to have to tackle. I know our guys like to tackle, we've have shown that we can tackle and we will do that on Saturday."

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